Tomorrow, 10 December 2011, is the day the King of Sweden in full regalia will hand out the third instalment of Big Bang Cosmology Nobel Prizes. When these photographs are made public, I will affix my imprimatur on them and reissue them here on this site. Here is my imprimatur:


The Nobel Prize cancellation stamp

The Nobel Prize cancellation stamp
See previous applications of the Imprimatur: 2004, 2006, 2011


This is a good time to take stock of how this phenomenal scientific development that inspires accolades to come out the wazoo (Nobel Prize, Shaw Prize, Gruber Prize, Robinson Prize, Comstock Prize, Whatchamacallit Prize… ) like no other scientific developments in history, evolved:


[Click to enlarge]
The Big Bang Cosmology scourge: How it evolved

The Big Bang Theory Nobel Prizes:
The evolution of the greatest deceit ever perpetrated upon humankind
God help us all!


How Penzias and Wilson were played for fools by Robert Dicke of Princeton

John Mather fraud

Perlmutter, Riess and Schmidt sham discovery


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