THE COSMOLOGY CAKE: To eat or not to eat…

The Cosmology Cake is a graphic I made somewhat flippantly to illustrate the historical development of Big Bang Cosmology.

But now it occurs to me that this simple graphic embodies enormous meaning and symbolism, for

– Intellectual corruption on an evolutionary scale
– The crucial role of the media in this large scale perversion of our civilization
– The plight of the civilization under the advent of the above coalition of cabals
– An evolutionary perversion of the mind of the homo sapiens that brings about the above in the name of science
– The power of insidious cabalism and the helplessness of the logical protectors of mankind (the scientific establishment) against this
– A happening phenomenon illustrating how the intellectual elite gradually metamorphoses (bakes?) into a parasitic elite
– New lessons of history to be learned
– And many other areas of concern to the thinking man I leave you to think of…

So, reader, I give you once again – in a new light:



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