First, please read this set up piece so that you can analyze the following information – given without any of my interpretation – for yourself.

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My letter to President Obama

It seems that between the time I referred the John Mather Science Fraud matter to President Obama and the time the White House Chief of Staff for Science in the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) left his office abruptly, there was a substantial and high level meeting in the White House. The meeting was held in the OSTP. The subject of this meeting is not known. It is not clear if John Mather asked for this meeting or if he was summoned to the White House.

The meeting seems to have been hastily planned in the afternoon of the 6th of January 2011 – for the very next day, late on a Friday. The 6th of January was also the day word got out that White House would have a new Chief of Staff (William Daley). That is, all pending matters would go over for decision to a new administration.

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What was John Mather doing in the White House?

There seems to have been a follow up visit in July with Carl Wieman, Associate Director for Science at the OSTP (and a “brother” Nobel Laureate to John Mather). It seems to have been over the lunch period:

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What was John Mather doing in the White House again?

These are the facts in evidence. Now some comments from me.

To this day there is no official retraction of the fraudulent discovery nor any public apology. The German Government apologized to the World for Jan Hendrik Schön and the South Korean Government apologized for Hwang Woo Sook.

John Mather continues to be feted unabated in public as a celebrity NASA Nobel Laureate. The universe-sized scientific construct based on his discovery has garnered more Nobel Prizes – just because no one fessed up to the fraud.

Just recently Mather was awarded Daniel Chalonge Medal by the Paris Observatory.

And this December he was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science – the cream of the cream of the American scientific intelligentsia.

He recently appeared in a National Geographic gala evening ticket event as an example of high human aspiration.

He even continues to serve as an inspiration to the young, under the gloriously proclaimed umbrellas of the American Astronomical Society, NASA, The Space Telescope Institute and the James Webb Space Telescope.

And in absence of any retraction of the fraudulent discovery, Stephen Hawking felt reassured to reissue his bombastic support of this discovery to the world on the occasion of his 70th birthday this month.

So, if the above meetings in the White House were the result of my referral, it remains unclear what came of them. What was the point? To privately counsel John Mather over fillets of sole washed down with a glass of fine Chardonnay? For there is no visible outcome as far as the world citizenry is concerned. Today, half a year after that lunchtime meeting, by all outward appearances Mather’s fraudulent discovery continues to carry full official blessing of the good old US of A.

The scientific establishment at large and the media clearly continue to treat the discovery as intact.

The profit-making enterprise of Big Bang Cosmology is soaring higher when it should have been buried deep and concreted over.

John Mather reached the nominal retirement age of 65 years in August. He continues to remain in the Government payroll.

The long and short of it is this: The issue of owning up to science fraud by a US Government Scientist using taxpayer money was referred to President Obama as the last step in a series of unsuccessful referrals, but John Mather continues unchecked in his public role as the Great American Inspirer.

His cohort may now justifiably say that he has been annealed by the ordeal of fire, and has emerged an even greater, nobler figure.

What are foolish, sentimental notions like scientific integrity, national honor and morality of our innocent young worth when it comes to saving one man’s face?


There was yet another meeting between Carl Wieman and John Mather, shortly after my letter to President Obama on 24 August 2010:

Carl Wieman met with John Mather in the White House shortly after the referral of the John Mather fraud matter to President Obama.


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