STEPHEN HAWKING AT 70: The scam he yet scammeth!

On the occasion of his 70th birthday Stephen Hawking was interviewed in January 2012:

What has been the most exciting development in physics during the course of your career?

COBE’s discovery of tiny variations in the temperature of the cosmic microwave background and the subsequent confirmation by WMAP that these are in excellent agreement with the predictions of inflation. The Planck satellite may detect the imprint of the gravitational waves predicted by inflation. This would be quantum gravity written across the sky.

This is a blatant continuation of the Hawking scam on Big Bang Cosmology. The underlying assumtion here is that the tiny variations of “temperature” are from the birth of the universe because they are observed in that light which is the light from the Big Bang ka-boom (i.e. the pristine picture-perfect 2.7 K cosmic blackbody spectrum – hence “temperature”.)

This 2.7 K blackbody spectrum is completely bogus, scammed fiction. NASA – which “discovered” it – has jettisoned it. The Nobel Foundation – which anointed it – has jettisoned it. There is no 2.7 K blackbody in the sky, period. There is not an iota of evidence that the observed temperature variations have any cause-and-effect connection to the bogus Big Bang explosion.

The word temperature in the above statement by Hawking is in fact meaningless in theory, and no one has ever observed any “temperature” variation – not COBE, not WMAP.

The blighter is bs-ing through both sides of his mouth, and the so-called science reporters are lapping it all up.

If this sky map of variation of intensity is real and has a cosmological significance, that significance remains to be determined.

Therefore what Hawking says above is unadulterated rubbish.

Worse yet, he is refusing to accept profound scientific course correction stemming from a space age experimental matter in which he himself has no expertise whatsoever. Not only has he not retracted his earlier bombast about the “discovery of the century, if not all times”, he is in fact reissuing this.

What is this about? If the public gets any wind of a chink in Hawking’s armor, his money machine will slow down. So the great lies are going to have to stand. And the media is going to help them stand.

You see, Stephen Hawking is not about physics at all. Stephen Hawkin’s ’bout money makin’.

A little later in the same interview:

What do you think most about during the day?

Women. They are a complete mystery.

Well Hallelujah! If Hawking sticks with that line of thought and spares science from here on out, the whole world will benefit – the male and the female populations alike.


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