DIPAK DAS AND JOHN MATHER SCIENCE FRAUD: White man speak with forked tongue

Dipak K. Das and John C. Mather science fraud
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“Nie blanke” Dr. Dipak K. Das, an Indian-American and “blanke” Dr. John C. Mather, a baseball-hotdog-apple pie-and-chevrolet American.
The John Mather science fraud was exposed in April 2007. Since then, various parties involved have started surreptitiously slinking away from his “discovery”. But in five years’ time there is not a single public acknowledgement or even mention that there was anything the matter with his discovery. Some estúpidos hombres are continuing to fete him loudly. Some hombres muy malos are presenting him as inspiration to children.
The Congress of the United of America is hosting two internships this summer in honor of this science fraud!
In contrast, you have but to make a Google search to see how the establishment and the media are tearing into the likes of Dipak Das and Anil Potti – like a pride of hungry lions tears into a gnu on Serengeti.
You have but to turn to CBS News to read all kinds of slurs against Indians.
(“This is not just an isolated case. Some fraudulent Indians are cancel [sic] in our society.”
– by cbs_bull February 13, 2012 3:05 AM EST)
OK, may be this is deserved.
There is no question that science fraud needs to be dealt with – very publicly and very firmly.
But this travesty of completely destroying one fraud with collective vengeance while at the same time applauding another to high heaven with collective glee?!
This is downright obscene!
This has gone way past all limits of morality, ethics and common human decency.
What should be the matter of true and honest concern here?
A guy that makes up some stuff in his lab, or a nation that engages in blatant duplicity on how to deal with fraud and whose fraud to deal with?
A guy that touts red wine with millions of taxpayer dollars or a guy that falsifies the universe with billions?
This sublimate apartheid is unworthy of a great nation.

And lastly,
Who is the only American that single-handedly exposed the grand deceit by John Mather in the face of a gigantic cover up in his behalf by the “blanke” pillars of the American society?
A “nie blanke” Indian-American.

What was the John Mather Science Fraud?

The John C. Mather science fraud was long in the making.

Big Bang Cosmology Fraud referred to President Obama
Physics Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) met with John Mather at least twice


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