SCIENTIFIC MISCONDUCT IN AMERICA: A policy of sublimate apartheid

The following concerns events that are currently unfolding.

John C. Mather NASA Nobel Prize Laureate science fraud/scientific misconduct

John C. Mather (left) NASA Nobel Prize Laureate science fraud was never publicly acknowledged in five years since it was exposed. There is no public mention that there was anything the matter with his discovery. His fraud is being handled by various parties concerned by slinking away from his “discovery”. Even as this surreptitious back-pedaling is happening, he is being enabled by people in very high places to whoop it up as a high profile celebrity and a NASA icon, and to inspire young people around the world with his own example (including young people in India especially). His completely untenable position as the scientific leader of the next generation space telescope is being continued in order to maintain the cover up. High accolades are continuing to flow his way.
This is the result of a concerted, unstated American policy (as evinced by the participation of members of the US Government and US Congress).
Hard to believe? Well, here is some more hard evidence. Even as this cover up operation is proceeding all ahead one third, the White House asks NASA for assurances that they are compliant on the established Government policies on scientific integrity. NASA answers right back: All shipshape.
This could be good for a few laughs if it were not a very dark matter.
And now about the luckless ones whose backs no one has.
The alleged frauds of Dr. Anil Potti, Dr. Diapk Das and Dr. Bharat Aggarwal (right, top to bottom) – all Indian-Americans, in unconnected research programs – have all been subjected very promptly and with great urgency to zealous investigation and media reporting, as they should be.
Their careers have pretty much ended.

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John C. Mather
Anil Potti
Dipak Das
Bharat Aggarwal



(Banner designed by NASA-GSFC)

Ol’ Johnny was just featured in a big National Geographic event where he reaffirmed his NASA fraudulent discovery.

Also, check out the kind of high power company he has been keeping lately and the kind of places he has been doing lunch in.

If there is any doubt in anyone’s mind that he is NASA’s face of inspiration as the educator to the the world’s young, this NASA site has reaffirmed it.

And he was just identified by the University of Maryland as one of their much vaunted “Faces of Research”.

Now he is coming your way this year again with a new crop of inspirational homilies and quotable utterings for the young’uns.

In February Mather is the official US dignitary to an European Space Agency event.

Next stop: India!

In March he will be Da Main Man in 2012 IEEE National Capital Area Awards Banquet.

And Princeton University invites hin back for more… (of what?)

Then some lucky kids will “lunch with a Nobel Laureate.”

In summer some young folks will be created John Mather Nobel Scholars.

And then there are the prestigious John Mather Congressional Internships. (Yes, the US Congress is a willing and knowing participant in this sham. Here he is with Congressman Bill Foster in the hallowed halls of the august institution.)

Here is a complete description of John Mather summer opportunities for the young.

He will join his brethren in the Nobel lineup in Wisconsin.

There is the COOPER LECTURE at the West Virginia University.

Then he lights up the Bridges Conference 2012.

University of Buffalo loves him enough to bring him back for more… (of what?)!

Here he is inspiring at the University of District of Columbia.

Of course the great Lindau Nobel Meetings are bringing him back to inspire the World’s fortunate few students who will be selected to attend this august event in July.

Don’t forget the Physics Congress!

And seeing as how NASA itself has given him the role of the KEYNOTE SPEAKER in one of their important meetings in October, you can tell that his stock is soaring with the powers that be.

And so on and so on and so on.

John Mather must be the most visible face of NASA on the lecture circuit. He is appearing in these events in his capacity as a NASA Scientist, and making a point of telling people that everything is shipshape with his fraudulent discovery.

The great white inspirer is busier than a one-armed paper hanger. I would venture a guess that he – the fraud Nobel Laureate – is in the starkest limelight of all the science Nobel Laureates living today. This is not by accident or happenstance.

In contrast, his co-discoverer and co-Nobel Laureate George Smoot of the University of California, Berkeley seems to have gone into self-imposed reclusion in France. Good thing to do.



The true intent of the US policy on science fraud/scientific misconduct/scientific integrity clarified


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One Response to “SCIENTIFIC MISCONDUCT IN AMERICA: A policy of sublimate apartheid”

  1. drgenenelson Says:

    In response to your “sublimate apartheid” defense of 3 scientists or medical professionals from India who have had concerns raised about their alleged research misconduct, There is an engrained pattern of both cheating in India and defensive responses when the cheating is exposed. I direct your attention to the following news item. Note that the source was the Press Trust of India.,34260

    Ocala Star-Banner, Wednesday, June 1, 1994 Page 7A

    Indian Students Riot Over Exams; 4 killed

    NEW DELHI, India – Four students reportedly were killed Tuesday when college freshmen clashed with police who tried to stop them from cheating on exams.

    The melee occurred in the town of Dalsingsarai in Bihar state after the students opened their books and notes during finals, Press Trust of India said.

    The students threw explosives at a government jeep and tried to set fire to the railway station. Police opened fire, killing four of them, the news agency said.

    Students in Bihar maintain they need their books and notes because they have been so poorly taught.


    I doubt that such an incident would occur in the U.S.

    Lest you raise the defense that this is “one isolated incident,” here is a recent article from the Chronicle of Higher Education

    Indian Police Stop High-Tech Plan to Cheat on College Entrance

    January 10, 2012, 11:22 am

    Indian police Sunday foiled an elaborate scheme involving cellphones and fake students to cheat on a top medical school’s entrance exam, report The Times of India and Mail Today. During the three-and-a-half-hour test at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, several people impersonated exam takers and scanned the 23-page question booklet using Bluetooth devices stitched into their shirt collars and Android cellphones strapped to their wrists. The images were sent to other members of
    the gang, who solved the questions and dictated the answers to those taking the exam using tiny earphones. According to police, who arrested the fraudsters about halfway through the exam,
    students allegedly paid around $60,000 each to have the test taken for them.

    This entry was posted in India.

    Other examples are available.

    In the case of Anil Potti, his misconduct included falsely claiming that he was a Rhodes Scholar before arriving in the U.S. on some, but not all of his applications. Actually, the U.S., medical establishment was very defensive for at least the first two years after concerns were raised by Baggerly and Coombes when they failed to reproduce his results. It required another two years until “60 Minutes” ran a story on Mr. Potti on 12 February 2012. Unfortunately, some of Mr. Potti’s 112 cancer patients likely suffered as a consequence of his algorithms choosing the least effective set of cancer treatment choices for them. There are about a dozen lawsuits regarding his conduct where judgments were paid. Some lawsuits are still pending. Your conclusive characterization of the other two recently disclosed cases of Indian-American research misconduct is at variance with the facts that the conduct of the two are still under investigation

    Further, it appears that you have personalized your disagreement regarding some conclusions in the field of cosmology made by John Mather, Ph.D. Having heard Dr. Mather speak in Washington, DC two years ago, I’m skeptical of your claims. Curiously, I fail to find a simple and clear explanation of John Mather, Ph.D.s alleged research misconduct on your website, which you are 100% in control of.

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