YO BIG BANG-ERS! How do you get away with this stuff?!

The following is a public interest message issued under the aegis of the great State of California. See how fraudulent science was packaged and merchandized as world-class bestsellers and historical classics.

In these books you have read or will read about the agony and the ecstasy in beautiful minds engaged in the scientific quest. There are three little words that describe what these books are really about:sham, scam, fraud.

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Big Bang Cosmology Theory scam/Scamming Big Bang Cosmologists

Big Bang Cosmology Theory scam/The scamming Big Bang Cosmologists
Yo Big Bang-ers!
How do you get away with this stuff?!
Journey back to the Dawn of the Universe?
Witness to the Birth of the Universe?

That’s some flair with highfalutin language there!
How important are your shills in the media in this here caper?
And them buddies in the Decadal Survey?
I see that Stephen Hawking your sidekick is still going strong at 70!
Youse guys together are screwing the world citizenry over real good!
Not to mention the long-suffering American taxpayers!
You gots to teach them retired Nigerian Generals some of your moves!

Reader, so what actually happened there with the Eureka moment? There is no way – NO WAY – that they would have measured a cosmic blackbody (even if it was there in the sky to measure) with that cockeyed COBE Satellite. My guess is that by intentional or incompetent juggling of various data sets, they ended up looking at their own blackbody template in the “window” in which they were to observe the sky the measurement data.

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Are you thrilled by beautiful language with spiritual undertones and biblical overtones?
Then read this and weep!

100% authentic NASA bullcrap – satisfaction guaranteed
This is an example of the diabolic cleverness of John Mather –
how he created himself into the superhero of space age, of mythological proportion.
After he gives us mortals such taste of the soaring of the spirit, who can doubt him?


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