A LAYMAN’S GUIDE TO DREAMHERON: The accuser of Big Bang Cosmology establishment

April 5, 2012 will be exactly five years since Dreamheron’s exposing of the Big Bang Cosmology fraud, as personified by NASA’s John Cromwell Mather. Dreamheron will be preoccupied during that period and hence this advance fifth anniversary post.

Big Bang Cosmology today is a multi-billion dollar business – make no mistake about it. The taxpayers are at the same time the customers and the shareholders. How clever a scam is that?! Big Bang’s James Webb Space Telescope alone stands at between $10 – $20 billion. This is not an academic or “theoretical” issue. Those are real dollars! They are going to real pockets. Sure, some blameless people (engineers, technicians et al) are making a living, but that is not the whole story.

Do not labor under the old order that scientists are beyond reproach. Today they are doing especially bad things while remaining under the cover of that old order. With the help of a consciously complicit media which includes the likes of PBS and National Geographic.

What progress has Dreamheron made against such formidable odds? It is difficult to say.

On one hand, by all appearances, Mather is flying higher, faster, stronger.

On the other hand, two successive NASA Administrators have kept him confined to his pre-Nobel job status, a doghouse for him. Not even the phenomenal power groups arrayed behind Mather can change that situation.

On one hand, the Brotherhood of the Nobel has Mather’s back.

On the other hand, NASA and the Nobel Foundation are redefining his Nobel discovery on the sly to cover up the science fraud.

The Decline & Fall phase of a civilization is characterized by the forces of declivity gaining strength and upper hand.

At any rate, there is not much more that Dreamheron can do to slay this many-headed monster that is the Big Bang Cosmology establishment. No sooner is one head lopped off than two heads sprout. [No sooner were the past Big Bang Nobel Prizes dealt with than a new crop of Big Bang Nobels sprang up!]

John Mather has become a standard fixture in physics Inspirationfests. The young are gathered ostensibly to be inspired but they really serve as stage props for something else. Never has the world seen so much urgent desire in so many noble souls to jab so much inspiration into the young.

If this is not a sure sign of the decline and fall of the scientific civilization, what is?

The layman (meaning everyone other than the hardcore scientific experts) may find it curious how one insignificant person could have taken a position against the scientific establishments of the World, the US Government, the US Congress; and a host of World bodies that are feting Mather to high heaven at a high decibel level.

This must be a cuckoo that the above establishments are dismissing out of hand, the layman might quite reasonably think.

This is the impression many would like to propagate. This is not a good state for Dreamheron to leave things in!

So it is perhaps an unavoidable necessity at this terminal juncture to also educate the laymen a little on the accuser himself, Dreamheron.

Big Bang Cosmology Fraud has been decades in the making.


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