NASA FRAUD: All quiet on the ESA Front!

Over the past year or so, great results from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Planck Satellite have been coming out. The fine instrumentation of the satellite has reportedly performed flawlessly. Everything is upbeat!

The entirety Planck science is premised on NASA’s discovery of the Big Bang Blackbody Spectrum with their COBE Satellite being the scientific ground truth. However, that NASA result is fraudulent.

So why did not Planck test that spectrum anew for itself?

That is the question.

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Is ESA covering up for NASA?

Is ESA covering up for NASA?

The following is the latest scoop from the ESA people that touches on the NASA Cosmic Blackbody spectrum. If you read between the lines, it would seem that finding this already-clinched spectrum would be infinitely more difficult today than it was 20 years ago when Mather found it! What has happened to our 13.6 billion year old universe in the last 20 years?

It seems to me that ESA is setting the stage to break the bad news about NASA very tactfully and very diplomatically and very slowly. By the time they pull the Cosmic Blackbody rug from under you, you will not know that it was even there.

These are new tricks and I am an old dog. To me the following well-crafted language as good as signals that there will not emerge a Cosmic Blackbody Spectrum from the Planck Satellite data. They already know this.


Planck’s primary goal is to observe the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), the relic radiation from the Big Bang, and to measure its encoded information about the constituents of the Universe and the origin of cosmic structure.

But it can only be reached once all sources of foreground emission, such as the galactic haze and the carbon monoxide signals, have been identified and removed.

“The lengthy and delicate task of foreground removal provides us with prime datasets that are shedding new light on hot topics in galactic and extragalactic astronomy alike,” says Dr Tauber.

“We look forward to characterising all foregrounds and then being able to reveal the CMB in unprecedented detail.”

Planck’s first cosmological dataset is expected to be released in 2013.



1. However the Europeans spin this thing to save NASA’s face, it is a safe bet that Planck will debunk the NASA discovery very completely.

2. It is also abundantly clear that John Mather could not have observed the Cosmic Blackbody the way he says he did with the precision he says he did, even if such a blackbody spectrum were there in the deep background to observe.

3. Science has to discard either COBE or Planck.

All quiet on the ESA front? Not if you know how to listen.

Those who were waiting for the fat lady to sing, she done sung. Nothing more to wait for.


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