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US Congressional democrats express solidarity with NASA science fraud John Mather

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Two successive NASA Administrators have kept John Mather (Nobel Prize for Physics, 2006) confined to his pre-Nobel job classification to this day.
Indeed, following his Nobel Prize, he was recognized by elevation to the exalted high position of NASA Chief Scientist at the HQ. Following allegation of science fraud, he was yanked back – not too gently – to his pre-Nobel job status.
There he remains to this day, totally frozen.

Finally, reader please note: Over the last three years, it has emerged that the placement of the AIP Mather Policy Interns is totally limited to democratic offices of the Congress. So what is this about? How can an internship designed to introduce young people of America to the ways of the Lawmakers be a partisan thing? The answer: It is not about young people. They are just stage props. It is about keeping Mather in the corridors of power so that he can beat the rap.

Mather and his cronies can work only their democratic contacts – and that’s the name that tune.

John C. Mather NASA Nobel Prize Laureate science fraud/scientific misconduct

John C. Mather (left) NASA Nobel Prize Laureate science fraud was never publicly acknowledged in five years since it was exposed. There is no public mention that there was anything the matter with his discovery. His fraud is being handled by various parties concerned by slinking away from his “discovery”. Even as this surreptitious back-pedaling is happening, he is being enabled by people in very high places to whoop it up as a high profile celebrity and a NASA icon, and to inspire young people around the world with his own example (including young people in India especially). His completely untenable position as the scientific leader of the next generation space telescope is being continued in order to maintain the cover up. High accolades are continuing to flow his way.
This is the result of a concerted, unstated American policy (as evinced by the participation of members of the US Government and US Congress).
And now about the luckless ones whose backs no one has.
The frauds of Dr. Anil Potti, Dr. Diapk Das and Dr. Bharat Aggarwal (right, top to bottom) – all Indian-Americans, in unconnected research programs – have all been subjected very promptly and with great urgency to zealous investigation and media reporting, as they should be.
Their careers have pretty much ended.


The true intent of the US policy on science fraud/scientific misconduct/scientific integrity clarified


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