Folks, the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meetings 2012 (starting July 2) is kicking off with a big Bang Bang blast. Their inaugural session stars the Big Bang Nobelists John Mather, George Smoot and Brian Schmidt. So thrilled are the organizers with this auspicious beginning that they put out a scintillating PR. The following quotes were taken from that PR as it existed at the time of publishing this blog.

It is a damn shame that these people are being allowed to gather bright young people from around the world, and then peddle utter garbage science to them with such great fanfare. Take just a few examples from the PR:

“Almost two thirds of our universe is made up of dark energy. It is invisibly interwoven with the empty space, and forces the universe to expand at an ever-increasing speed. This discovery, which two teams published simultaneously in 1998, was nothing short of a sensation.”

Hidden in the above statement is a diabolic, three-layerd deception. First, the expansion of the universe which was fradulently proven with the COBE Satellite. Second, the scam acceleration of this fraud expansion. Third, the bogus Dark Energy for the scam acceleration of the fraud expansion.

“The deeper astronomers look into space, the deeper they delve into its past as well. The explosions, whose light Brian Schmidt and his co-laureates recorded and investigated, occurred many billions of years ago. With telescopes stationed on earth, astronomers can cover just over 60 % of the time axis from our present to the Big Bang; they cannot thereby reach the birth of our universe 13.7 billion years ago”.

The 13.7 billion years is a fiction that was confirmed from the fraudulent COBE Satellite experiment, and therefore the 60% number is a fiction.

“To do this, they would need a technology outside earth’s absorbing atmosphere that is able to detect the first rays of light announcing the formation of the world.”

The underlying assertion above that infrared radiation shows a nascent universe is unproven.

“These technological requirements were realized by the American space agency NASA with its Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite, a project headed by John Mather and George Smoot. Only nine minutes after it had been launched into space in November 1989, the satellite was already sending its first images back to Earth.”

Unadulterated garbage. Smoot’s experiment was not even turned on until the scientists returned from the launch site. Mather’s experiment remained within an enclosure for several days after launch until the lid was popped. Mather’s data did not have any “images”. Smoot’s data would be analyzed for two years before his skymap would be reported.

“And they were an accurate confirmation of the COBE mission’s starting hypothesis: if the universe was formed in a Big Bang from an infinitely dense and hot point, then it initially contained perfect radiation, whose wavelength depended only on the temperature from a raging sea of energy, some of which gradually converted into matter. A remnant of this radiation remains, dramatically cooled, to this day, however, and its cosmic noise bears witness to the beginning of the world, like a shell from the ocean”

They are talking in a very roundabout way about the Big Bang Blackbody Spectrum without actually saying those words. The discovery of this Spectrum was totally fraudulent.

Folk, now please enjoy this graphic.

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings 2012

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings 2012
[Click to enlarge]


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