The discovery of Higgs boson was reported by CERN on the 4th of July. The news immediately went viral in the media around the world. We were told that the Higgs bosons were formed from the Higgs field within a fraction of a second of the Big Bang (during a phase called Inflation). Others told us that the discovery shows that Big Bang Theory is spot on.

In the same breath, I have seen statements such as: There are hardly any scientists today who do not accept Big Bang.

My fellow citizens of the World, you have been royally duped. The Higgs mechanism has nothing to do with Big Bang Theory. It has in fact been rejected in Big Bang Theory. Here is what a Wikipedia entry says (Alan Guth is the Guru of Inflation):

In the early proposal of Guth, it was thought that the inflaton was the Higgs field, the field which explains the mass of the elementary particles. It is now known that the inflaton cannot be the Higgs field.

[It goes on to say that having dumped the plain Mr. Higgs, the Big Bang Theorists were considering glomming on to the fabulous Mr. Witten. At that time, they must have thought that much more primetime exposure could be got that way.]

How can the success of an idea that has been solidly rejected by Big Bang Theorists as inconsistent with their theory suddenly become a support for that theory?

Why not let this information go viral? A little light of truth would be a healthy thing for the Big Bang-scammed, String Theory-dumbed world – for a change.


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