GRUBER COSMOLOGY PRIZE 2012: Crapola or Scamola?

Peter Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize

Peter Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prizes for sham, scam and fraud discoveries.
They are corrupting the World.

The Gruber Foundation Cosmology Prize for this year was given to Charles Bennett of Johns Hopkins Univesity, for:

“Building on his own pioneering contributions to the study of the early universe, Charles L. Bennett, along with the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe team, used observations of the so-called “echo of the Big Bang,” the Cosmic Microwave Background radiation, to determine the universe’s vital statistics—its age, content, geometry, and origin. This feat in turn has helped transform cosmology itself into a precision science.”

Let’s look at it piece by piece:

“…his own pioneering contribution…”

This refers to Bennett’s part in John Mather’s science fraud with NASA COBE Satellite.

“echo of Big Bang”

refers to the 2.7 K Cosmic Blackbody. This blackbody “echo” is the only connection between the observed cosmic microwave background radiation (CMBR) and Big Bang Theory. Without the blackbody, CMBR is CMBR and Big Bang is Big Bang – and there is no connection whatsoever between the two. Anything different you hear is a lie.

This “echo” was measured by Mather, Bennett & Co. with a crapped out piece of equipment. This measurement is a complete fraud. There is no such echo of Big Bang in the sky to measure. The highly sophisticated European Planck Satellite will report this. Right now, the Planck scientists are digging through all kinds of superimposed radiation to get at the cosmic blackbody that Mather saw. But Planck will not find it because it is not there to find.

The echo was made out of whole cloth. Mather, Bennett & Co. did not figure on Planck blowing the scam wide open some twenty years down the road.

The jokers who are still anointing these scam discoverers are like would-be passengers buying tickets for a voyage on the Titanic while she is alist.

“… transform cosmology into a precision science…”

And how! Mather and Bennett had measured with their brand of “precision science” the 2.7K blackbody. They used an instrument that was incapable of measuring this but they measured it anyway. And now it turns out that this blackbody was not even there to measure in the first place.

You get the picture?! It is a two-tier fraud.

Whatever Bennett’s WMAP Satellite measured – if these measurements are good – remains completely open to cosmological investigation by honest and competent scientists, for a change.

“… vital statistics…”

Scientific prevarication.

And to complete the irony, Fraudmeister John Mather himself issued this pithy remark on the award:

“Dr. Bennett’s discoveries have literally changed the scientific universe.”

Just goes to illustrate the Bengali proverb:

The hoochmaker brings the drunkard as his witness.

The Gruber Foundation is a witting part of the rampant corruption of the American cosmology establishment – a corruption that can be described as the intellectual version of the “get rich (famous) quick” scheme. Earlier the Gruber Foundation anointed the COBE Satellite fraud (John Mather) and the scam discovery of the acceleration of the expansion of the Universe (Saul Perlmutter and Brian Schmidt).


On 13 February 2012 John Mather made a quiet visit to Italy to meet with the Planck team under the cover of a Planck Press Conference. Why was he there? Ostensibly to talk about the James Webb Space Telescope. This may have been where he was given a “diplomatic” heads up – directly or indirectly or tacitly – that his discovery was disappearing from under him.

There is now a far larger body of evidence for Big Bang Cosmology fraud than for any other cases of science frauds past.


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