POST NO. 300: An exorcism of the civilization

Big Bang Cosmology – unlike any scourge in history – is a 100-year old intellectual scam. From its beginnings in a Catholic cloister, it today has permeated all the way to the textbooks of the children of the world. It is the darkest and the most pervasive affliction on the scientific civilization.

Generally speaking, there are today two areas of accountability for science fraud: the academia and the government. Because of the circumstances of Big Bang Cosmology existing today, we are specifically speaking largely of the American Academia and the American Government.

The responsibility of the academia (= “the scientific community” ) is clear. The responsibility of the government is limited to – and we would like it to be limited to – any taxpayer funds and any government employees involved, and any laws broken.


Within a year of my making the allegation, they emphatically sent John Mather back (in March of 2008) to his pre-Nobel job classification. There he remains stuck to this day. He has not been given any advisory or visionary or leadership role in NASA because of his Nobel Prize. He has not even been given an official lollypop because of his Nobel Prize. Not all of his powerful backers can free him from that doghouse.

That means one thing and one thing only: the leadership of NASA has full backing from his immediate superior, the President of the United States.

Now, if I were defending the Government, I would take the following position: They have done their part in this. The rest they rightly left to the scientific community.


The academia has done everything it can to protect John Mather from the allegation and to undermine the above Government action.

How so?

According to the academia themselves, the appropriate punishment for science fraud is public humiliation. They say that this is enough, and the fraudster should not face criminal prosecution.

OK. So the Government took an action whose unintended consequence would be public humiliation – if the public were allowed to see it that way. The right thing the academia believes should be done would be done. The world would begin to understand the fraud.

Instead the academia – from Stanford to Princeton, from Alabama A&M University to University of Chicago – embarked on such a public campaign of feting Mather that the Government action was kept hidden from the World. No one took any notice of it. Mather has continued to be feted with an intensity and visibility no scientist has ever been given before. He is being feted with a vengeance. The academia is riding a tiger in this instance, and cannot dismount.

Make no mistake about this! Let’s not mince words! The American academia has very publicly, and with purposeful deliberation, protected and promoted the greatest fraud in the history of mankind.

There is a Bengali proverb: The evil is within the mustard seeds! (Mustard seed poultice is an antidote against evil.) So too, the fraud is protected from the core of the very academia whose place was to uproot it.

When the evil gets into the mustard seeds, it is curtains. Not even Father Merrin can help.

Now, it is possible the academia would offer as their excuse the familiar whine: He (me) has not published his criticism in one of our peer-reviewed scientific journals!

Goddammit! It is these peer-reviewed journals that systematically published all the Big Bang rubbish over many decades. Why would I – in my right mind – wallow in the very same cesspool? I mean, I do have some personal dignity!

I heard the distress call of civilization and decided to answer it. What was needed of me was to make this whole thing play out in stark public light. That is the strongest over-the-counter disinfectant available in the market. That is what I used.

What we are witnessing is a historic decline of America as the vanguard of the scientific civilization. Europe is taking that place. Their Planck Satellite will symbolize the shift.

But history will judge America kindly – because of men like Michael Griffin and Charles Bolden, fine sons the American soil still offers up. And America will continue to do so – the said academia being an aberration along the way. But the decline of America this “parasitic elite” has set in motion cannot be reversed.

Om and Amen!


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