In a video published today in Huffington Post, John Mather has very completely reaffirmed the discoveries with the COBE Satellite: His 2.7 K Cosmic Blackbody Spectrum (which he measured “really really really well”), Smoot’s nascent universe, the extreme precision of measurement, … eveything. The Stephen Hawking bombast is also mentioned.

As far as I know, Mather is still a NASA employee. In the video he is in fact identified as a “Senior Astrophysicist” at NASA Goddard. His leadership of the James Webb Space Telescope is also mentioned.There is no indication that he is not speaking for NASA. There is no indication that this an old video being rebroadcast, if that is the case.

Since everything about the NASA COBE Satellite is being reaffirmed as correct in this worldwide media platform, I feel I have a duty to report it to my readers.

If something has happened recently to casue this reaffirmation, then Mather would also be taken out of the NASA doghouse (his pre-Nobel job slot to which he has been kept confined thus far) and given some job title or honorific appropriate to his status as the first civil service Nobel Laureate, and the greatest discoverer of all time. So watch for that announcement from NASA soon.

For scientists in the field, there is now enough indication that the European Planck Satellite will not find this Blackbody Spectrum because it is not there in the first place. But may be Planck will report finding Mather’s Blackbody, and perhaps that has caused this reaffirmation. So watch for Planck reporting the re-discovery of the 2.7 K Mather Blackbody soon.

Absolutely nothing changes with regard to my position that the COBE instrument was a piece of junk and that Mather committed science fraud in arriving at the Blackbody Spectrum (reaffirmed in its full glory in the above video).


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