News spread like wildfire this morning that a Russian tycoon named Yuri Milner has set up new prizes for Fundamental Physics, and given out the first batch to nine mathematical physicists, $3 million apiece.

My first reaction is: Very good! Enjoy the money in good health.

But now that I have had time to look at the names of the recipients, three names rise to the level of meriting comment from me.

Edward Witten: Yesterday he was a mathematician irrelevant to physics. Today he is a richer mathematician irrelevant to physics. His physics remians rubbish.

Edward Witten has become a greater nuisance to the healthy conduct of physics by supporting now Big Bang Cosmology. Scamming ‘syndicates’ in physics are supporting each other. You should not be surprised to hear that the person who stands with Yuri Borisovich behind the scenes is none other than Big Bang doyen Steven Weinberg.

The Russian tycoon – with all his billions – has played right into the hands of the most powerful cabal within the American physics establishment, and has thus become a part of ongoing history: the decline and fall of the American scientific civilization. The money will aid the decline.

Alan Guth and Andrei Linde: These inflationary cosmologists became famous because of their contribution towards the construction of the highly successful Big Bang Cosmology edifice. That edifice has turned out to be fraud-ridden and scam-ridden. The rug is being pulled from under Guth and Linde even as you read this – by the European Planck Satellite. Therfore, Guth and Linde have spent their careers on rubbish.

Big Bang Cosmology was moved to the realm of scientific ground truth after the Smoot-Mather discovery. That was a total fraud – as I demonstrated five years ago. From what Planck has already reported, it should be clear to all experts in the field that Mather could not have observed a blackbody the way he said he did. This is now independent (of me) confirmation of his fraud. Furthermore, that blackbody will turn out to be not there at all (if the European Planck scientists do the science right rather than try to save American butts.)

When you realize that the entirety of Big Bang is a fraud, everything within it must be discarded as rotten. That includes Guth and Linde “physics.” These two guys are actually the first two workers in the Big Bang assembly line. What they do is calculate the stuffings out of the “Atom Primitif” during a period called the inflation era which lasts:

0.0000000000000000000000000000000001 second.

No joke!

Also, don’t forget that Guth rejected the Higgs Field in his inflation theory.

Today it is scientifically crystal clear – thanks to Dreamheron – that there is no Big Bang, no Atom Primitif, no Inflation Era, no Recombination Era, no Big Bang Expansion, no acceleration of Big Bang Expansion, no Big Bang Dark Matter, no Big Bang Dark Energy, no Big Bang nothing. The whole brigade that has worked in these fields has peddled rubbish.

And Yuri Borisovich Milner has chosen to become the cheerleader of this rubbish brigade.


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