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Big Bang Cosmology Nobel Prize Laureates

Big Bang Cosmology Nobel Prize Laureates

The Swedes have given out three batches of Nobel Prize in Big Bang Cosmology between 1978 and 2011 to seven Americans. Now that the observational basis of it all stands scientifically discredited, the Nobelists have started to simply point to the Nobel Prize in answer to all criticisms. All they have to do in this Age of Internet, in an electronic conference poster for example, is to hot-link to the page for the Laureate, and presto, everything is shipshape, official, above reproach! So this whole bogus scientific enterprise now rides exclusively on the credibility of the Nobel Prize.

I want to say this more clearly: The assurance of scientific correctness is flowing exclusively from the authority of the Nobel Prize, and thus nobeled science is being placed beyond legitimate scientific reach. In other words:

Nobeled science is enshrined science, even if it is scientifically proved to be patently bogus or scammed or fraudulent. New science will continue to be built on this nobeled science.

Since a Nobel Prize is irrevocable and since the Swedes have no mechanism to rectify their errors, we have here scientists operating shops outside science’s jurisdiction.

That little ‘Atom Primitif’ of an irrevocability clause in Alfred Nobel’s will has expanded to become a dark universal force (energy) of irrevocability of fraud science and scam science – for all humanity.

But that is not all. It is not just that the Swedes are helpless and cannot do anything about the situation they themselves have created. They are actually a willing party to this Big Bang mania. The Swedish scientific establishment – as exemplified by the Uppsala University – is actually singing the paeans of Big Bang Cosmology most enthusiastically. Check this out:

Our cosmological models are based on the general theory of relativity and the concept of a hot and compact origin in the Big Bang about 14 billion years ago. When the universe had cooled down after the Big Bang, the first stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies were formed.

So they are even issuing subliminal messages that they stand solidly behind what they have done. The Nobel Committee for 2011 has also signaled that they are looking forward to anointing Dark Energy. All this is bound to encourage the further pursuit of the enterprise around the world. Big Bang Cosmology, after all, is nothing if not Nobel-driven. And if the Swedes signal Go Ahead, then ….

But by far the darkest development here – on a scale of history – is the callousness and the ennui of the scientific establishment at large. They sit, they watch, they do nothing. They no longer hold the wheel of the ship of science – the cabals have taken it over. This is how an entire monumental statue of a Golden Calf of false science is being constructed on a ‘high’ pedestal and celebrated – orgy style. This is nothing less than a textbook case of the unfolding of the decline and fall of the scientific civilization.

This is happening right now, right before your eyes. You don’t need a historian’s hindsight to see this. And what is happning is a joint Swedish-American job. They are doing a number on the world.

This is the entirely foreseeable long view of history: America scams, Sweden blesses, the World accepts on implicit trust. The scientific community watches like spectators. Science is sidelined, “Science” marches on.

Lord have mercy!

Big Bang Cosmology Dragonslayer

The Big Bang Theory Dragonslayer is on the job!


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