THE CABALS OF THE PHYSICS CARTEL: House of Weinberg, House of Witten


By the close of the first decade of the 21st century, research in physics – as far as the public is concerned – consisted of two major fields: Big Bang Theory and String Theory. They dominated funding, limelight, children’s high aspirations … A veritable new breed of scientists was created: the celluloid physicists. Beyond dominating the print media, they were everpresent on the idiot boxes round the world. Ostensibly they were inspiring the young generation. In truth they were stuffing their pockets and stoking their narcissism.

But soon Their Most Exalted Grand Doyens in both these fields in their infinite wisdom came to two conclusions:

(1). Both fields had to grow rapidly in order to survive. The detractors needed to be outpaced.

(2). The two fields were complementary, and a Merger & Acquisition proposal was the most appropriate thing to consider at this juncture. Such a move would result in a single field that would become synonymous with physics itself. It would be a synergistic union – something that is much bigger than the sum of the two. It would squeeze out all the riff-raff activity in physics. This would strike the final blow to the detractors.

Preparatory to this M&A, “the CEOs” Steven Weinberg and Edward Witten (of the Weinberg-Witten Theorem) have started scratching each other’s back big time. A veritable lovefest is on. Witten has issued a glowing endorsement of the totally bogus 2011 Big Bang Nobel Prize. Weinberg in turn has advised a Russian tycoon to wire to Witten’s bank account $3 million.

So, reader, here is the present situation in a nutshell. It outlines the seperate corporate cultures and how they could come together harmoniously in a mutually beneficial manner.

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Steven Weinberg and Edward Witten:
The cabals of the physics cartel – Big Bang Cosmology Super String Theory

Steven Weinberg and Edward Witten:
The cabals of the physics cartel – Big Bang Cosmology Super String Theory
Branes butt-butt, make Big Bang![Click to see how]
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One Response to “THE CABALS OF THE PHYSICS CARTEL: House of Weinberg, House of Witten”

  1. Infinion Says:

    there is a new fraud going on, it has all to do with dark matter and energy, and they are explaining it through “quantized inertia” , and “virtual particles” which are photons that have zero spin, and so would require them to have a mass. But that’s impossible because (supposedly) photons can have only +1 or -1 spin, which is why they are made to be “virtual”.

    to me this is like the physics cartel of mainstream science forming a “back door” for when dark matter / energy gets exposed as frauds.

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