Scientists at Johns Hopkins University are claiming the discovery a galaxy that was formed barely 500 million years after the Big Bang of 13.7 billion years ago, the oldest (or the youngest) galaxy observed so far.

There is here an astronomical observation which is not in question. But it has been made into a phenomenal discovery by adding to the observation the following premise:

From the cosmic microwave background radiation, scientists figure that the universe began about 13.7 billion years ago.

That result now stands exposed as absolute rubbish science. Worse yet, it is a sham and a scam and a fraud. The physics establishment knows this all too well. In the face of this, the Johns Hopkins scientists are blatantly continuing to hoodwink the world.

No doubt there is a Nobel Prize in the offing for these “discoverers”. What has the academia come to?!

Johns Hopkins University has become a veritable den of inequity in Cosmology. Remember the great “discoverers” Charles Bennett and Adam Riess? Denizens of Johns Hopkins.

This business of some guy making some little observation and putting it within the Big Bang framework and claiming earthshaking discoveries is getting pret’ty old!

This goddamn discovery faucet needs to be shut off!

Shame on you, Johns Hopkins University!

How to stop the Johns Hopkins University Big Bang Cosmologists

How to stop the Johns Hopkins University Big Bang Cosmologists


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