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Bad elements within Time Magazine are deceiving the World Citizenry as to John Mather

NASA is glorying that their own John Mather has been chosen by TIME Magazine as one of the 25 Most Influential persons in space science and its future. Earlier, TIME Magazine had given Mather full-page billing as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

How influential is John Mather?

1. John Cromwell Mather – NASA’s first and the only Nobel Laureate – has been kept confined to his pre-Nobel job status by NASA’s leadership since Spring of 2008. In addition to his pre-Nobel assignments, he emphatically has no advisory, visionary or leadership role in NASA. He was given the exalted role of NASA Chief Scientist in the Spring of 2007 in recognition of his Nobel Prize in 2006, but was yanked back to his pre-Nobel job – not too gently – in the Spring of 2008, a year after this author made the allegation of science fraud.

John Mather today is in the same job classification as he was in 1993 (Senior Astrophysicist). He is in the same capacity (Senior Project Scientist) at the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) today as he was in 1995. After sending him back to these positions in the Spring of 2008, NASA has not given any promotions or advancements or decorative titles to this “first civil service Nobel Laureate.” I see his current stewardship of the JWST as simply a result of that 2008 decision, and to not reflect any renewed confidence in him. NASA Leadership may have decided to leave him this fig leaf in 2008.

Who knows Mather better than his own lifelong employer? What justification does the NASA HQ Leadership have on their side to take such drastic steps on America’s space science superhero – a most glittering national treasure? And why does the greatest discoverer of all time stay on in this condition of abject humiliation? Why can’t he convince his own employer that his discovery was legitimate? Why does he instead seek out little outlets like HuffPo to tell the world his discovery was OK? Why can’t Mather’s powerful protectors get NASA HQ Leadership to play along? How can all the outside accolades and feting mask this stench at home? If TIME Magazine has discovered a way to mask BO, they should tell it to Jerry Seinfeld.

These are the facts on the ground about John Mather that the public are not being told by the media represented by TIME Magazine.

2. A recent program HUNTING THE EDGE OF SPACE often aired on PBS has pointedly and surgically removed the Smoot & Mather discovery from the history of cosmology. This stands as a highly public statement on Mather.

3. Judging from Mather’s once-vibrant “Speaking Schedule”, the mainstream academic establishment – much to its credit – has gone cold on him. The incredibly loud feting of Mather today is occurring outside the expert scientific establishment – by people who know nothing about the detailed science and technology involved in the Mather science fraud. This is like a bunch of orangutans dancing around Bernie Madoff within his prison cell, averring that this is a genius human being.

4. Following this author’s referral of the John Mather Science Fraud to President Obama, Mather was summoned to the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy a number of times. The outcome of these meetings is not known – but Mather continues to be confined to his pre-Nobel job status.

5. In the face of the allegation of science fraud, John Mather’s cronies have always tried to keep him afloat and in stark limelight, to engineer his photo-shoots with powerful congressional leaders, etc. It is possible that the former White House Chief of Staff for Science and the former NASA Goddard Center Director both abruptly left their heady and secure Government jobs over some matter to do with their trying to groom Mather out of the charge of science fraud. No explanations for these abrupt high level departures were ever given.

6. This year John Mather had big billing to appear in the Blouin Creative Leadership Summit – a New York do described as the gathering of “movers and shakers and culture makers” of the World. Mather was going to be in the intellectual stratosphere. It appears that he was unceremoniously dropped at the last minute.

7. John Mather reported observing the Cosmic Blackbody Radiation Spectrum with phenomenal precision, using the NASA COBE Satellite. He got his Nobel Prize for this. This was a gigantic science fraud at two levels: First, the instrument he designed was a worthless piece of junk, incapable of making any such measurements. Second, the preliminary findings of the European Space Agency’s Planck Satellite now suggest that that Blackbody Spectrum was never there in the sky to measure. Mather made this out of whole cloth.

8. Thus, John Mather falsified the universe and corrupted the scientific civilization. His undealt fraud subsequently led to more Nobel Prizes for others and thus more corruption. He deceived everybody under the sun. His historical fraud is being compounded each day as he maintains that his discovery is legit – which he has been doing for more than five years now since the allegation was made. Had it not been for this author and this author alone, the civilization would stay forvever corrupted for the posterity. The universe would stay forever falsified.

That’s how influential John Mather is. (Say it like Jay Leno – with drumroll!)

Let’s try again – all together now:

How influential is John Mather?

That’s how influential John Mather is!

Let’s try one more time:

How influential is John Mather?

That’s how influential John Mather is!

And one last time:

How influential is John Mather?

That’s how influential John Mather is!

Finally, here is a groomer of science fraud John Mather:

Richard Stengel, Managing Editor, TIME MAGAZINE
(Creative Commons photo)

Mr. Stengel, take a lesson in leadership excellence and leadership responsibility from the former NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, and from the Obama White House: Fire the butts of those involved in promoting science fraud Mather!

Please make independent inquiries – do not let these people do a snow job on you.


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Letter to President Obama on John Mather, NASA 2006 Physics Nobel Prize Laureate, science fraud who provided clinching evidence for Big Bang Cosmology with “the greatest discovery of all time.”


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