The Great American Deception of the World

The Eurpoean Planck Satellite is a scientific research satellite that is up there right now. Its mission is to study the universe. Data have been pouring in for some time. Final results and conclusions from analysis of these data are expected to be reported starting some time next year.

At a first level, Planck Satellite is the latest(?) in a series of scientific satellites. It will report new observations, find new things, maybe even make a discovery or two. Then it will take its place in history.

But because of me, Planck Satellite today is infinitely more significant than that. It is an explosive deal: In the scientific sense, in the geopolitical sense, in the civilization sense and even in the explosion sense.

How so?

Planck Satellite will corroborate everything I said – although that was never the mission! It will de-explode and pack the entire Big Bang Universe – that universe which came out of Abbe LeMaitre’s Atom Primitif – back into that Atom, and hurl that dimensionless dot clear across the universe with the flick of a finger. G-o-o-d riddance.

Planck will show that there is no Big Bang Blackbody Spectrum in the sky – that spectrum which John Mather measured with 50 ppm precision. It will show that the “skymap” cannot be assigned any age. It will debunk the concept of a nascent universe of the Smoot skymap.

Planck will completely corroborate my debunking of seven American Nobel Laureates.

So what is the dilemma?

We stand at a fork of the civilization. To the left continues the path of the falsified universe. To the right is the path of scientific enlightenment. There are tremendous vested interests that will want to steer us along the left fork. It is the same people who are behind the Great American Deception that I – an American – have been fighting against for more than five years. It is in fact now an issue of national honor, national pride, national iconism, national disgrace, national chicanery, national bullying, …..

The Planck Satellite can cause the center of gravity of the scientific civilization to shift from the US to Europe almost overnight – and with prejudice.

So there would be temendous “political” pressure on what the scientists can report and how they report it. Scientific findings can always be slanted or softened or held back. They can be gratuitously sprinkled with many ifs and ands and buts and maybes and perhapses. There are important faces to be saved, powerful butts to be covered, large book royalty streams to be protected …

So the slant of the results may be decided by some stuffed suits – some of them speaking in accented English, some not – meeting for an off-the-record dinner in a smoke-filled backroom of a restaurant somewhere in L’Enfant Plaza. It may be handled as an undeclared international political crisis.

And when the pressure comes down from the top, the scientists do not have much of a choice. There is actually only one choice: Quit.

And don’t forget that hombres like John Mather and George Smoot are Planck Satellite insiders!

How many times have we seen the Europeans make independent noises and then fall in line?

What will the Planck scientists do?

Will they get off the Big Bang Early Universe Wagon and look at their own data with fresh eyes?

Will they continue the Great American Deception, or end it?

That is the dilemma.


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