Folks, if you have been following my posts, you will recall that I referred the matter of John Mather science fraud to President Obama on 24 August 2010 after referrals to all levels leading up to him failed to produce any results. John Mather is a Government Scientist with NASA. President Obama is the direct superior of the NASA Administrator. So this was a procedurally correct referral.

I never received any response to that referral. There was some activity in evidence suggesting that Dr. Carl Wieman, an Associate Director of the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP), was having some exchanges with Mather following that referral. (Wieman is a fellow Physics Nobel Laureate to John Mather.) On 1 June 2012, Wieman abruptly left that job. (This is the third abrupt high level departure following some dealing of the official concerned with John Mather.) There is no visible indication that anything came out of my referral to President Obama. All indications are that Mather is now soaring even higher.

This was by far the most important issue of returning science to its rightful place on President Obama’s desk – for more than half his first term. He had the noble calling upon him to stand before the world – hat in hand – to say: I am sorry. And then to say: Kids everywhere, I am so sorry that my nation subjected you to this textbook horror. This would have been a poignant image in history: No US President has ever impacted the course of scientific civilization in this way. The President did not do that. Perhaps he was badly advised.

However, I should note that the Government continues to keep John Mather confined to the most humiliating NASA doghouse ( = his pre-Nobel job classification.) So, he has not been officially exonerated by the White House. Officially, his rank remains frozen at the pre-Nobel Prize step. That’s something.

Today an intense revival of John Mather the celebrity is underway. The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is being used by NASA scientists as the main platform for this activity, designed to simply fete their colleague out of the science fraud rap. So much so that you might start calling the JWST the John Mather Space Telescope (JMST) for all practical intents and purposes. The JWST twitter and the web page are being used to sing the paeans of “our own John Mather” doing this, doing that, doing the other thing. If Mather sneezes, they report it. If Mather coughs, they report it. If Mather breaks wind, they report it. Recent posts include photo spreads of Mather being interviewed by BBC TV, being anointed by TIME Magazine … etc et al. And watch this video which may be aptly titled “Happy Buddha singing John Mather’s praise.” (About 40 seconds from the start.)

Billions of taxpayer dollars d–o–w–n the drain!

NASA’s John C. Mather – with his demonstrated unique combination of bungling scientific idiocy and a diabolic capacity for scientific deceit – is respoinsible for blowing two of the major satellite programs.
In an honest and functioning scientific establishment, Mather’s science career should have ended with the failure of the COBE Satellite. He had proved himself incomptetent not once but twice, and that should have been the end of it. Instead, he is today the Space Science Superman.

Earlier, you might recall, JWST was used as the reason for arranging photo shoots of John Mather with powerful congressional leaders. Before that there was a time when the news column on the right of the JWST web page was practically dedicated to John Mather news.

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is all about grooming John Mather

This NASA web page shows how the international public project James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has become all about John Mather.

NASA – before all – knows that Mather committed science fraud. Yet, when an outside outlet like TIME Magazine dishonestly promotes Mather, NASA turns right back around and reports this event with big splash in their Government web pages as though this represented independent scientific affirmation of Mather!

Being used for cover up of science fraud

Certain NASA employees have usurped the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) project to use it as a platform to groom NASA science fraud John Mather out of accountability.
The James Webb name is being eclipsed and sullied in the process.

The NASA scientists who are promoting Mather are sitting around figuring out the next move to groom the science fraud in their midst – on your payroll. They have created a whole new value system for science: Media exposure equals scientific recognition and scientific exoneration! And when they find time to do science themselves, they do garbage science – as I have shown you in many earlier posts.

The icon attached to the next generation space telescope is no longer James Webb. He is being upstaged in public perception by John Mather. The Cult of John Mather Worshippers has systematically brought this situation about.

My hopes that the academic scientific establishment is taking over from me the task of dealing with this the greatest science fraud in history have also been shattered. There too, a tremendous John Mather Revival Festival is underway. Even as I write, Clemson University is most irresponsibly exposing its students to Mather’s bold-faced lies, as did Georgia Tech and Tuskegee University. Here is how Clemson is pitching Mather to the public:

Mather travels to universities to explain NASA’s largest project and present his prize-winning research.

So John Mather is taking a roadshow out to the academia and the JWST is being used as a Trojan Horse to sneak in Mather’s fraudulent discovery. Then there is this:

Mather won the Nobel Prize for physics in 2006 by leading a cosmic radiation project that launched a revolutionary space instrument, the Cosmic Background Explorer. This instrument gathered information on high-frequency and radiation patterns traced from the beginning of time.

I suppose, technically, you could call the most expensive piece of space junk “a revolutionary space instrument.”

And here is Clemson’s Physics Chair Mark Leising telling his students stock lies. Any scientific person in the field worth anything knows and understands today that these are no longer true. NASA themselves have officially deep sixed this discovery, as have others. Unretracted lies are not truth – but Leising is passing them off as such.

Clemson University Physics Chair Mark Leising (Clemson photo)


Mark Leising, Clemson’s physics department chairman, said Mather’s work 20 years ago confirmed what scientists had suspected was the case.

“Cosmic microwave background radiation is a kind of echo of the Big Bang,” Leising said. “It’s light that was emitted when the universe was much hotter and denser. Since it has cooled, this light has escaped, moving everywhere at all times.”

Mather was able to measure the light’s energy — which exists at 3 degrees Kelvin above absolute zero — with unprecedented precision, Leising said. Scientists knew the energy should be there, Leising said, and Mather proved it was.

“It put to rest all doubt about the Big Bang,” Leising said.


Clemson is deceiving its students and the public with purposeful deliberation.

And Purdue University is not only feting him, but is making sure to spread the word around to the media. And not to be outdone as a contributor to the John Mather Revival Festival, University of Iowa warmed up some old news from last summer and spinned it as a hot new item: One of their students received “the prestigious” John Mather Nobel Scholarship.

Meanwhile, the school children of the world are being taught fraud science as the scientific ground truth. Their eager minds are being seeded with perverse science. What an auspicious beginning!

Thank you, President Obama!
Thank you, NASA scientists!
Thank you, academics!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Not in all my children’s ghost stories have I been able to create such horror for them.

Children of the planet, you are doomed!

They will take years and decades to roll back the scourge of Big Bang Cosmology – in an orchestrated way that saves faces and covers butts. That’s what is important to them. You are not important. You will continue to be fed perverse science to serve their cause.

Nothing more I can do for you. I will pray for you that the European Planck scientists will have the honesty and the decency and the moral courage that the civilization requires of them to end this Great American Deception.

To me it is the civilization’s greatest obscenity that you have to serve as the firewood that produces the light in which a few scamming scientists can do their celebrity dance. This is a terrible price to pay. This is not a sacrifice you should ever have to make – like some latter day Iphigenia. Scientists of you own nations should have been protecting you from this.

[Click to enlarge]
Big Bang Cosmology Nobel Prize Laureates

Big Bang Cosmology Nobel Prize Laureates:
How much more price do the children of the world have to pay to keep these scammers dancing in the limelight?
(i.e. How much longer before the scourge of Big Bang Cosmology is dealt with?)

[Click to enlarge]

To John Mather promoters, protectors, anointers, adorners, handlers, minders, touts, image remakers, cover uppers, regroomers, groupies, worshippers, cult followers, swooners, …
It is written!
I have been saying this for more than five years.
I can say it because it is true and provable.
This is why the NASA Administrator keeps John Mather tied to his doghouse.
This is why you cannot do anything about
that there situation.

Crystal clear now!

The John C. Mather NASA Nobel Prize Laureate Science Fraud is now crystal clear to the entire world citizenry.


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