JAMES WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE: Crack open that fortune cookie!

NASA’s John C. Mather goes around giving a talk typically titled like this:

From the Big Bang to the Nobel Prize and on to James Webb Space Telescope

John C. Mather JWST fortune cookie

John C. Mather, NASA Nobel Prize Laureate, is currently the scientific helmsman of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), and is being promoted as Mr. JWST himself!
(Poor Mr. James Webb!)
This diagram shows the most crucial and concerning background that NASA and the media are not telling the world.
Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Third time ….
A ten billion US$ question.
(US taxpayer dollars.)

In the above diagram you can already see early signs of the kind of deceit Mather engages in. He says his equipment failed on “first flight”, leaving the distinct impression that his success had followed later. It did not.

Now of course you are thinking: A modern satellite program like JWST involves teams of people and levels of review. It is impossible for one person to screw things up. That is generally true. But not always (Remember the O-Ring?). However, I do not suggest that Mather will screw things up with the JWST. The point is that he already has. The fix is in! The frequency region he has chosen for JWST (with the support of the Big Bang cartel) has no special meaning in the post-Big Bang Cosmology era.

JWST will be a Big Bang Telescope after Big Bang is long dead and gone.

And another thing. A balloon-borne experiment – unlike a rocket-borne experiment – is not subject to sudden mechanical stresses and vibrations. If the equipment functions on the ground, it should function at altitude. If it is appropriately engineered, that is. When a balloon-borne equipment malfunctions, chances are the fault lies with the design of the experiment. In the case of the COBE Satellite, I have shown you that the fault lies with the design of the experiment. The source of these failures is John Mather.

If there is one space scientist in the whole wide world that should not be at the helm of JWST, it is John Mather.

Billions of taxpayer dollars d–o–w–n the drain!

NASA’s John C. Mather – with his demonstrated unique combination of bungling scientific idiocy and a diabolic capacity for scientific deceit – is respoinsible for blowing two of the major satellite programs.

Here’s what the fortune cookie might say.


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