PHYSICS ESTABLISHMENT: Stop the Big Bang WFIRST Satellite now!

The WFIRST Satellite Scam: Saul Perlmutter of UC Berkeley, and John Mather of NASA, Nobel Prize Laureates both, are individually great science scammers in their own right. And now they are collaborating in a most unholy alliance to do more scam science – at your expense!

The WFIRST Satellite Scam: Saul Perlmutter of UC Berkeley, and John Mather of NASA, Nobel Prize Laureates both, are individually great science scammers in their own right. And now they are collaborating in a most unholy alliance to do more scam science – at your expense!
Remember two things:
1. They were already scammers of unprecedented height in history.
2. And their WFIRST synergy will be multiplicative, not additive.
Both are alumni of UC Berkeley. Their teachers Paul Richards and Richard Muller are also Berkeley alumni – it is all in the “Family”. It seems that both Mather and Perlmutter were trained in the art of how to inveigle the Nobel Prize within that very special Nobel-minded atmosphere of Berkeley.
It has now become a Nobel-tainted atmosphere.
Lord have mercy!


Reader, I have exposed John Mather very fully for what he is as a scientist. Now you need to pay attention to Saul Perlmutter. We may be dealing here with even higher “talent”. If Mather made up the Cosmic Blackbody out of whole cloth, Perlmutter cooked up a Discovery Template Scam. The latter has finesse.

Do not be distracted by Perlmutter’s private parking spot at UC Berkeley or the street named after him there or by the Nobel pin on his lapel. Keep your eyes full on him at all times and the palm of your hand pressed tightly against the wallet in your pocket. Keep your children well shielded so that they will not be exposed to or contract the Mather-Perlmutter “science”.

I have explained to you how the JWST Telescope has been pressed into service to remake John Mather’s image. The proposed WFIRST Satellite directed at discovering Dark Energy in cosmos is likewise another Big Bang Satellite which is essentially dedicated to the further glorification of the scammer Perlmutter. This project is picking up steam. Its deck is fully stacked (science fraud John Mather is on the team, just to name one). The recent award of the Nobel Prize to Perlmutter for his scam discovery is being used as new impetus to push the program. Also, in awarding this Nobel Prize, the Nobel Committee has signaled that they are eagerly waiting to award Nobel Prizes for the discovery of Dark Energy. They are all in it together.

These people are so powerful and so cunning that they are proceeding with their completely discredited and completely garbage science to requisition another few billions of your tax dollars to create another few Big Bang Nobel Laureates.

Believe me – WFIRST will discover Dark Energy. That much is guaranteed. It does not matter how WFIRST is designed – it could just be a Rube Goldberg contraption! There will be another John Mather or Saul Perlmutter to pull out a discovery. Scam begets scam, sham begets sham, fraud begets fraud. That is the kind of science we are looking at here. Space is the most convenient haven for clever scammers. They are completely safe there unless by some fluke chance someone like me decides to take a look.

The benefit from the WFIRST Program for you in the physics establishment: Further divereting of your collective research money and further piling of garbage science on top of you. Make no mistake – the billions they ask for now will expand in time.

The benefit for the taxpayers: Further falsification of your universe. More garbage science for the school children. Plus more science heroes to worship, more Big Bang merchandise to buy and more PBS Big Bang Shows to watch.

Here is a sample from the WFIRST website of what they are up to:

Dark energy appears to be the dominant component of the
physical Universe, yet there is no persuasive theoretical
explanation for its existence or magnitude. The acceleration
of the Universe is, along with dark matter, the observed
phenomenon that most directly demonstrates that our
theories of fundamental particles and gravity are either
incorrect or incomplete. Most experts believe that nothing
short of a revolution in our understanding of fundamental
physics will be required to achieve a full understanding of
the cosmic acceleration. For these reasons, the nature of
dark energy ranks among the very most compelling of all
outstanding problems in physical science. These
circumstances demand an ambitious observational program
to determine the dark energy properties as well as possible.


From a hardcore physics point of view, there has not been offered a scintilla of observational evidence of Dark Energy in Cosmology.

The acceleration of the expansion of the universe is a fraudulent result of science – because the expansion itself is a fraudulent result. NASA Leadership has determined that. It is an official US Government finding. It is inconsistent for NASA to forge ahead with the WFIRST Satellite while their Leadership has determined that NASA’s clinching of Big Bang with the COBE Satellite was defective.

“Most experts believeā€¦” You should take a very serious look at that statement.

Such loose statements are kept incubating in little-read websites. When, after sometime, no one in the larger scientific community has objected, the statements are given the force of fully vetted scientific position. Government and the Congress then take such statements on their face value as a consensus of the scientific community, and are thus moved to act favorably.

Who are these experts? I have already given you two names: Saul Perlmutter and John Mather – a scammer and a fraud. Is this how you want science done in this nation?

It is now in plain documented evidence that as far as properly evaluating the sham observational confirmation of Big Bang Cosmology goes, I am the ONLY named expert (there may be other unnamed experts who agree with me). And I am telling you: Stop these hombres malos now! If not for the civilization, then for your own good!


John Mather and Saul Perlmutter, Nobel Prize Laureates and UC Berkeley alumni
John Mather and Saul Perlmutter, Nobel Prize Laureates and UC Berkeley alumni

Crystal clear now!

The John C. Mather NASA Nobel Prize Laureate Science Fraud is now crystal clear to the entire world citizenry.

Crystal clear now!

The Saul Perlmutter UC Berkeley Nobel Prize Laureate Science Scam is now crystal clear to the entire world citizenry.


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