COBE vs WMAP anisotropy: The untold story

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COBE-DMR vs WMAP: The untold story
George Smoot, Charles Bennett, anisotropy map, Big Bang Cosmology, Nobel Prize

COBE vs WMAP: The untold story
George Smoot’s anisotropy sky map was a washout because of his faulty design. But this was covered up. Success was proclaimed.
The little calculation at the bottom is designed to pique your curiosity. Think some more about it!

When the COBE DMR (Differential Microwave Radiometer) was designed, George Smoot and Charles Bennett were in it together. The two bungled the design. Bennett got wise and learned the lesson. This is how he got a sharper definition with WMAP. Ironically, Smoot – and not Bennett – got the Nobel!

The scientific community – if not the public at large – needed absolutely to be told about this marginal nature of the Smoot result. That never happened. Nobody on the inside wanted to queer the deal with regard to Le Prix Nobel.

What does it matter if inept scientists waste a few hundred millions of taxpayer dollars with their Inspector Clouseau-style bunglings, when they have their eyes on the Prize?

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The moon held the clue!

That’s NASA science for you!



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