PLANCK SATELLITE RESULTS: Commonsense and higher sense

Director-General Jean-Jacques Dordain,
European Space Agency

Yo Monsieur Dordain,

You, Sir, are sitting on scientific evidence that would expose American science scams and science frauds to which the whole world has been subjected for decades.

ESA scientists are scamming to protect American derrières.

Damn shame!

If you care to send me an answer to the following post, I will be glad to post it.

The Planck Press Conference has taken place, and I have read this report.

I do not have any issues with the reported sky maps, and I applaud the phenomenal work behind producing the observational diagrams. Well done Planckians!

Also you see that there is no mention of the 2.7 K Big Bang Blackbody – the very soul of Big Bang until today, the pivot, the rootwork, the justification, the Proof of Life of Big Bang Cosmology. It simply does not exist! It never has.

By all the things the bigbangistas have said themselves for decades about the role of this Blackbody in Big Bang, the theory should be considered dead today – here and now. The Heart-Lung Machine has been turned off! So why is the demise not being acknowledged?

What Planck should be reporting today by all that is sacred to a scientist is that Big Bang is dead. They should be reporting that there is no Big Bang Blackbody, beacuse the world has been inundated with this idea for a half a century. Who can forget the linguistic bombast around that “discovery of the century, if not all time”?

How can scientists tell the world citizenry something so loudly and so proudly over such a long period of time, and conduct brisk commerce in glossy bestsellers and DVDs, and dance their celebrity dances, and teach children to worship them, and then not retract that something publicly when it turns out to be false?

Why does the triumphal march of Big Bang instead get a renewed, redoubled impetus?

Do you see why I am angry?

A Big Bang Part Trois is being created. Like Grandniece of Frankenstein. They will simply clam up on the 2.7 K Blackbody and all shall be well.

What the ESA scientists are telling the world through a bombastic campaign about the Age of The Universe and stuff is scientific rubbish. Take my word for it – I am good for it. All they have shown is Big Bang is kaput, and that’s the name of that tune.

Notice the linguistic trickery (cover up) the Planck people are now resorting to:

“At that time, the young Universe was filled with a hot dense soup of interacting protons, electrons and photons at about 2700ºC. When the protons and electrons joined to form hydrogen atoms, the light was set free. As the Universe has expanded, this light today has been stretched out to microwave wavelengths, equivalent to a temperature of just 2.7 degrees above absolute zero. ”

So now there is no more the 2.7 K Blackbody, but a microwave radiation with an equivalent temperature 2.7 K. This is pure nonsense! Either radiation has a blackbody form and a unique temperature associated with it (not “equivant temperature”!), or it does not. The intensity they measured is either a 2.7 K blackbody or not. If not, then the question of attaching a temperature to it does not arise. This is Physics 101. Even a freshman physics student knows that. Notice that they no longer say that this radiation once was a hotter Blackbody, as the theory previously held. This is some very fine chicanery by people who call themselves scientists. Their objective is to cover up for colleagues and deceive the public.

Compare the above statement with this statement in their early days:

“With the expansion of the Universe, the wavelength of the light emitted (CMB) has increased, and as a consequence the temperature of the CMB has changed from its original 3000K to 2.7K as is observed today.”

So here you can see that a Blackbody temperature of 3000 K had cooled to a Blackbody temperature of 2.7 K. That is the Big Bang Theory. There is nothing “equivalent” here. The simple word equivalent has been invoked today to cover a multitude of sins. How clever is that?!

The entire crux of Big Bang Theory was the identification of the observed Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMB) as the observed Blackbody spectrum at 2.7 K, and thus demonstrating that CMB is relic radiation. All that is now gone. Therefore observed CMB has no more to do with Big Bang than your birth has to do with a certain stork.

So lies, lies and lies are what we are dealing with. ESA scientists are now scamming.

This is what the bigbangistas always do. As soon as they have been proved scientifically wrong, they execute some fancy footwork and come up with a new “strategy”.

To spare you my further yakking, let’s make this post so that many of you need not read the entirety of it. Lets do it like this:

1. If you believe that higher sense should replace commonsense, please read no further. Go with what the Planckians are saying about bolstering Big Bang and the assured bagging of the Nobel Prize for the inflationistas. Enjoy the never-ending saga of the Scamton Abbey.

2. If you believe that higher sense should overlie commonsense, stick with me. This is really kid stuff.

Now, why are they saying that the Planck map is a map of the Baby Universe?

Because they have made the map in a very special light in a very specific frequency region.

If they had mad this map in visible light or gamma ray light or radio waves, they could not have said this.

They say this special light lets us look farther in distance, and therefore shows older scenes in time.

But how does seeing older and older scenes relate to a Big Bang beginning! It doesn’t.

How does seeing older and older scenes tell us that the universe has a specific age? It does not.

The Planck Satellite design frequencies were carefully chosen in accordance with the Big Bang Blackbody Spectrum. This is how Planck was expected to show us the Big Bang Early Universe.
But the discovery of that Blackbody Spectrum was a gigantic scam.
So there is no basis for asserting now that Planck shows an early universe.
Don’t miss this important point:
The frequencies for a billion dollar experiment were chosen by a team of advanced scientists, based on pure fiction.
They could just as well have gone:
Eeny meeny miny moe…

So what is it about this special light that makes it show us the Big Bang beginning (the Inflationary beginning)?

The Planck map is being palmed off as the Baby Universe because its special light is the light within the Big Bang Blackbody Spectrum that has its source in the Cosmic Egg.

Go back and read how Planck was designed years ago. This is exactly what they said. They designed the $1 Billion Planck with great fanfare in accordance with the Big Bang Blackbody Spectrum. That is how Planck will show us the Baby Universe, they said.

And who has confirmed the existence of this Big Bang Blackbody Spectrum?

No one.

Does this spectrum exist?

We have Proof Positive that it does not.

From $1 Billion Planck Satellite and from the $400 Million COBE Satellite.

So much deception perpetrated upon you over so many decades with so much of your money – and they all just wash their hands off everything.

No accountability anywhere! No accepting of responsibility anywhere!

They just walk away from the wreck – and start a new gig in a new town!

So much fanfare in the media and the celluloid, so much trading in glossy books, so many Nobel Prizes – all for totally garbage science. And no one is accountable!

And now the greatest of deception in human history has just been perpetrated upon you. Think about it!

Scientists who you teach your children to look up to are engaging in the worst kind of chicanery.

Where does it all end, folks?!

[Click to enlarge]
European Space Agency (ESA) Planck Satellite Big Bang Cosmology scam

European Space Agency (ESA) Planck Satellite Big Bang Cosmology scam


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