NASA is still managing to forestall any accountabilty for science fraud John Mather, even after Planck Satellite has exposed his fraud to the lay world citizen.

Recently, Goddard Center Director Chris Scolese arranged a highly public photoshoot of science fraud Mather with Maryland Senator Barbara Mikulski. This seems to be some type of a high end protection racket designed by the Goddard Center Director. The previous Director did exactly the same thing. The idea seems to be to create an impression all around that Mather is untouchable.

Incidentally, the ESA Planck scientists have cleverly engineered their announcement language so as to leave John Mather and NASA a way out. So look for ESA Director-General Jean-Jacques Dordain being given some type of White House award as a Thank You.

That is how science advances in this Age of Fakery.

The American Institute of Physics John Mather Policy Internships for 2013 have already been announced. Applications are being accepted. This is funded from a home Mather donated to AIP and that AIP sold for $120,000.

The John Mather Nobel Scholar Program is funded from Mather’s Nobel Prize money. It does not accept applications until July 2013. When it does, another crop of the Scholars will be produced at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. There’s already quite a long list of past NASA-Goddard John Mather Nobel Scholars now.

One of the 2010 John Mather Nobel Scholars has been reported in the media to be a Uzi-packing, handgun-toting murderer. He took out his handgun and shot one innocent housemate of his dead and wounded another, before shooting himself.

John Mather is not much evidence in the lecture/travel circuit. This may be only because the recent federal budget sequester has put a damper on these activities.

The greatest science fraud in evidence continues to be at the scientific helm of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, the hallmark of US space-faring prowess.

When you think about the relative gravity of the offenses, why did the good Gen. Petraeus have to resign? I kind of liked the guy.


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