PLANCK SATELLITE: Have you heard the silence?!

OK, so two weeks have passed since the Planck Press Conference announcing astounding Big Bang Cosmology discoveries. We have all read the media hoopla. Oldest Light, Baby Universe, … etc et al. The universe is actually a tad older. Somebody needs to go to the City Hall and get the Birth Certificate corrected. It is actually not growing as fast. May be the oomph has gone out from the universe between the 1990s when the expansion was accelerating and the 2000s when Planck made its observation.

It is surprising to me how this 14 Billion Years old universe has things happening in it on a timescale of years and decades. A blackbody spectrum pops up and goes away. The acceleration paddle is eased. Multiverses play peekaboo. And it seems that while the inflationistas have their work cut out, the Nobel Prize is practically in the bag for Alan Guth and Andrei Linde. It’s a little late for 2013 though. It would have to be 2014.

What is most surprising to me about these scientists is how they use some type of higher knowledge to spin discoveries that by commonsense and basic principles of physics are clearly rubbish. And these scientists are NOT hardcore physicists! And there is no evidence that hardcore physicists are engaged. So what are they doing here?

The media will of course report what they are told by the establishment. So you cannot fault them there. But who is to educate the public on such ubiquitous deceptive statements in the media as “most scientists today believe that Big Bang Cosmology is correct”? It is a slap on the face of the critics, and it really says “good scientists today believe that Big Bang Cosmology is correct.”

If you dig into this, I think you will find that Big Bang Cosmologists believe Big Bang Cosmology is correct. No other expert scientists do.

Now that all the hoopla has eased a little bit, let’s ask where the real story is and what is happening there.

As far as I can find out, NASA is awfully quiet on ESA Planck’s big Big Bang success. There is a routine “Astronomy Picture of the Day” published by NASA of the Planck sky map. But other than that I have not found any type of laudatory remarks from scientists inside NASA. Also, nothing from the JWST scientists. The silence of the world’s premier space agency says something – although I don’t know what.

I have not been able to find any commentaries or observations from the five key players: John Mather, George Smoot, Saul Perlmutter, Adam Riess and Brian Schmidt – the Big Bang Nobelists. There was one comment from John Mather before the Press Conference. He said he was skeptical about whether the Planck scientists would do the right thing with their data. The silence of the Big Bang Nobelists says something – although I don’t know what.

Also, this time there are no comments from the usual quarters: Stephen Hawking and Edward Witten

There is a Swahili proverb: “If a native of Pemba can get a log he does not relieve himself on the ground.” The bigbangistas have found a good log in Planck Satellite. It collected some good data, but the bigbangistas have defecated all over it. Good scientists with sensitive noses now may not want to go anywhere near the Planck data.

So the real story today is one of a silence of the graveyard. The real story is a wake of Big Bang Cosmology.


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