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H. Frederick Dylla, AIP

H. Frederick Dylla, AIP
He is out of control.
He sees AIP as his personal fiefdom, and is practicing rampant cronyism.
No one has the stones to stop this chelovek!

Lilla in Swedish means little, as in My Little Friend. And Frederick Dylla is indeed John Mather’s Little Friend. This friend will abuse his office any way he needs to, to prop up science fraud John Mather.

So you should not fall off your chair when you learn that as recently as last Fall, Dylla published a piece by Mather that, under the imprimatur of the American Institute of Physics, gloriously promulgates to the world – and to your young especially – that Mather’s COBE Cosmic Blackbody Spectrum is an exemplary scientific discovery.

Frederick Dylla in effect used his office to promulgate fraud science. He used his office to corrupt the young generation. This is yet another one in a string of reasons – taken severally or collectively or cumulatively – why Dylla should be removed from his office for abuse and subversion of membership trust.

But those who are officially responsible for doing so do not seem to know the first thing about responsibility. So who’s going to do it?

Or are y’all American physicists going to continue to live under Dylla’s rule?

Your society, your choice.

Why has Dylla become Mather’s publicity agent-cum-image consultant?

Is this the job you are paying Dylla to do?

This is the AIP Governing Board which is sleeping at the controls.


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