“I don’t recall who my commencement speaker was when I graduated from the Universtiy of Houston, but Ken Lay’s signature is on my diploma because he was Chairman of the Board of Regents.I’ve had bad luck ever since. …”

This comment in a blog is a reminder about name associations – especially as it pertains to one’s resume. But of course the peson here is joking. The printed signature on the diploma does not matter. A named scholarship or internship does. Very much so.

The John Mather-branded young people could hide this from their resumes. In that case their careers will commence with a grand deceit at the very threshold.

Or they can mention it in their resume. What will happen then?

But let’s be practical. If you are looking to a fair-to-middling professional career, it will not matter that you chose with full deliberation to associate your own name with that of the greatest fraud in history.

If you are looking to be someone of note, your life will be under microscope, telescope and proctoscope. In some cases you may be vetted at depth. Your association with Mather is on public records which will stand till the ends of time.

And you have no explanation whatsoever why you, as a full-grown adult, chose to become branded by a science fraud. You will bear the insignia JM from here to your dying day, as though it were seared into your skin like an indelible pornographic tattoo a drunken sailor might acquire through an awful moment’s indiscretion one evening on some far shore.

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Likewise, nothing will remove the John Mather tattoo

Will Frederick Dylla who is procuring you for Mather be there to rescue you when you get into trouble over the Mather association? Will you even know why you have been rejected for some coveted prospect?

By the way, the signature on my diploma is that of one Ronald Reagan.

On my thesis there are five signatures. Three of them have had asteroids named after them. Two are members of the Royal Swedish Academy. One is a Sir. And of course my advisor was a Nobel Laureate.

I have also looked at my co-authors and co-inventors. And also fellowships and scholarships I’ve held.

No name anywhere I need to hide or feel cagey about. So if …

Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head
But that doesn’t mean my eyes will soon be turnin’ red
Because I’m free
Nothin’s worryin’ me

Can you young folks say the same? What has Frederick Dylla done to you? You have been placed in a bad situation but you seem not to be able to see it. You are serving as pawns in a gameplan to shield Mather from acconutability.

All these wonderful people you are partying with at the AIP, if they had any sense of decency and morality, would rescue you from Mather. But that’s not what they are doing, are they?

If Congressperson XYZ had any true concern for you, he or she could readily insisist on Mather’s name being removed from your title. But that’s not what’s happening, is it?

Anyone who is telling you that you can benefit by associating with the Mather name does not have your interest in mind.

There is absolutely no difference between your real situation and an imaginary, far-fetched situation where a bunch of very powerful people might have created Madoff Scholars and Madoff Interns and Kids Lunch with Madoff programs all over the nation with great urgency in order to stave off prosecution of Bernie Madoff on the ‘counterbalancing consideration’ of his educational philanthropy.

Pick up the phone and call home. Say: “Daddy please get me out this!”

Then this one man who you know for sure has your interest in mind will say: “Come home and spend the summer at home.”

This is the best thing you will have done, career-wise.

God bless.


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