Based 100% on my browsing the Internet, here is what I perceive as the current state of Big Bang Cosmology and Big Bang Cosmology Nobel Laureates.


Based on the new language emanating from the scientific establishment (recent conference announcements etc.), Big Bang Cosmology is being gradually retrenched. This is good. If they continue inexorably along this path, I will not bother them.


These people have never been vocal about their Big Bang Cosmology discovery. That discovery was thrust upon them. While I have exposed this scam, I have never attacked Penzias & Wilson. I see them as blameless.


My sense is that these people have gone very quiet, and are not promulgating or pushing their Big Bang discoveries. If that is the case, that is, if they have chosen to deal with situation in their own way, then this is an honorable thing to do. It must also be a very painful thing to do. If they stop pushing Big Bang Cosmology, then they can enjoy their Nobel name and fame in good health. I will have no issues with them.


I do not use the word evil lightly, but Mather is evil. He is mercilessly corrupting innocent young people so much so that they turn around and merrily sing his paeans. They eagerly carry his name on their foreheads. This for me is a painful spectacle.

Mather, through some diabolic power of persuasion, has also inducted powerful people and groups of people to serve him.

The fact is that all the other Big Bang Nobel Laureates that came after Mather, and Big Bang Cosmologists at large, have trusted Mather implicitly. Mather helped them up a very tall ladder reaching nearly heaven. And I have had to take the ladder away.

If John Cromwell Mather had come forward and apologized early on, the rest of the Big Bang Cosmologists would have had an honorable way out. Yet, the situation is that the Big Bang Cosmologists are all sullied and materially damaged, and Mather is the one who is riding high.

If Mather had admitted his fault early and accepted blame, NASA as an organization of national pride would be saved harmless. Instead, Mather used people within NASA to continue his charade. It is all about him.

I also suspect that people have lost heady jobs because of Mather. But Mather seems to have no concern about leaving a trail of destruction behind him. It is only about him.

Mather has sullied time-honored institutions like National Geographic and the Smithsonian Institution and TIME Magazine. He has no compunction doing so. It is all about him.

He has brought out the very worst in American leaders who pass as the pillars of the society and the conscience of the land. These people have been as exposed as what they truly are, deep down. Mather somehow made them believe that the chicanery of the established power would prevail over the rantings of a little man.

While Mather’s co-discoverers have gone into self-imposed, surely most painful quietude, he has to be dancing in limelight. Ten adult African elephants could not drag him away from there. His friends have to make the arrangements for him to stay in limelight. It is all about him.

The word evil does come to my mind.

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