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John Mather Nobel Prize Laureate NASA Big Bang Cosmology Big Bang Theory 2013

John Mather Nobel Prize Laureate NASA Big Bang Cosmology Big Bang Theory 2013

What is the point of this graphic?

As recently as 26 September 2013, NASA’s John Mather promulgated his fraudulent discovery in a public ticket event:

Nobel Prize Winner John Mather Informs and Entertains at Shaw Lecture

….he discussed a variety of topics including NASA’s Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite …

The COBE measured the spectrum (color) of the heat radiation from the Big Bang …

Either NASA is in complete collusion with their fraudster, or they have no control over him at all. What Mather is doing is not an issue of scientist’s freedom (as in the case of the controversial climate guy); it is an unchecked promulgation of proven fraud by a currently employed government scientist.

(You can see in this video that he is standing 100% behind this discovery.)

It may be that Mather has such backing from the US Congress or the White House that nobody can do anything about it.

And thus is how great science is being shaped today. Thus is how the leaders of universities are inspiring their students today.

And everyone and every group all around seems to be happy with it – except me.

The most frightening thing about the nation to me is that the young of America embrace Mather with open arms, eager to be branded by him. Hamelin comes to mind.

So in the end no one at all is standing with me. But I am very fine with this.

That’s the point of the above graphic. It is a clear statement about the measure of a man.


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  1. Ed Solheim Says:

    I’m standing with you Bibhas De as are many others and we always look forward to your posts.Keep putting them out and more and more people will join their voices to yours.

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