From what I read on the Internet before the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to Higgs and Englert, this outcome was a 100% certainty. Even so, I was fearful that the Prize might go to Edward Witten or John Pendry or one or more of the Bigbangistas (Charles Bennett, Alan Guth, Andrei Linde et al). So at least this is a relief – for a year.

I don’t know a whole lot about the Higgs matter. This much I know: (1). The Higgs idea was a takeoff on the old aether idea – without acknowledging this source. (2) The Higgs Boson has not been experimentally observed, as is being widely reported. Nobody observed the Higgs Boson. The experimental verification is much more indirect than that.

The Standard Model – of which the Higgs Boson was the last thing to be verified – is a storyline that has been gradually installed, experiment by experiment, over many decades. The same thing was done with the Big Bang Cosmology storyline.

What I have shown in the case of Big Bang Cosmology is that large groups of scientists and engineers and experimentalists can scam the public. This is because only a few people decide on the final outcome to be reported, and the rest – who work on different isolated parts of the project – simply trust them.

What I have also shown is that the vigilance of the scientific community as a whole is a bad joke.

The Wilczek, Politzer and Gross idea of Asymptotic Freedom of the Standard Model was also agreed universally to be experimentally verified. It most definitely was not – not in the view of anyone who has any sense about what experimental verification is. I have written extensively about this here.

A single person with comprehensive knowledge of both the theory side and the experiment side should do with the series of Standard Model experiments the same thing I have done with the series of Big Bang Cosmology experiments – evaluated them afresh upon entirely discounting the scientific establishment’s authority (nobels and all).

Then we shall see!

The sad fact today is that the heroes of the physics establishment (not Higgs and Englert) are in great hurry to get the discovery over with and get on with the Nobel Ceremonies. When the scientific establishment and the Nobelgivers and the science media are on board, this works out very well.

Finally, the Standard Model was erected upon an incomplete foundation of physics. I have shown that magnetic field in empty space corresponds to an actual physical presence – a “mass”. This will not mesh with the Standard Model. One or the other will have to be discarded.

Also, the emerging view of the photon (structure, mass) is a bell tolling for the Standard Model.



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