DR. DIPAK K. DAS (1947-2013)

Dr. Dipak K. Das, about whom I have written extensively here, passed away on September 19, 2013.

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Dr. Dipak K. Das (1947-2013)
Dr. Dipak K. Das (1947-2013)
Click here to see the video Dr. Dipak Das replies to allegations of scientific fraud

I believe this video because it was prepared at a time Das was considering a lawsuit against his university. He would have known that this video might figure in the proceedings, and so he would have been legalistically truthful.

Also worth reading is this “epitaph” for Dr. Dipak Das by Bill Sardi. Even this eulogy has been derided because the author Sardi had a business relatioship with Dr. Das. In fact an atmosphere of frenzy was deliberately created where no one would dare say anythig in favor of Dr. Das – alive or dead.

Follow the legalese of Dr. Das’ lawsuit against U Conn Board of Trustees here.

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Dr. Philip Austin of the University of Connecticut is the front man in the conviction of Dr. Dipak Das on charges of science fraud
Dr. Philip Austin of the University of Connecticut is the front man in the conviction of Dr. Dipak Das on charges of science fraud

The Univ of Connecticut 60,0000 page investigative report on Dr. Das is not to be found anywhere on the Internet. A summary report had been posted on the Internet, but then pulled (Why?).

But the response of Dr. Das to this report can be read here. [This has been removed! Try my own copy of it here.] Note that this document misspells the name of Leonard Paplauskas, Associate Vice President for Research Administration, University of Connecticut, School of Medicine. Why would Dr. Das misspell the name of a long-stanging colleague as Leonpard Pasplascus (and some variations)? Another possibility is that the name was altered before uploading the document in order to evade the Search Engines. If you read the document, you will see why.

Oddly, there is very little information about this Paplauskas person on the Internet, given that he was a major university official of long standing. He was brought out of retirement to investigate Dr. Das (Why a retiree?!). About the same time, it seems that he was rehired by the University of Connecticut and put on the payroll! What a coincidence! He seems to be a German-born person. I have found this photo of Leonard P. Paplauskas in his public jazz website where he goes by the name Lenny Paplauskas.

In his web site Paplauskas says he has a Ph. D.(ABD) degree. I don’t know what that is, but an Internnet search suggests ABD = All but Dissertation! Heck, if somebody who does not even have a Ph. D. has to be brought out of retirement to investigate a world-renowned researcher and widely respected scientist, I certainly would be most concerned about what they did to Dr. Das at the University of Connecticut.

Dr. Dipak Das is certainly at fault for lax oversight, giving and receiving gift authorships etc (as he admits himself; in such practices he is certainly not alone). But I am very leery now of the finding of fraud.

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Hounding of Dr. Dipak Das by Robert Crowe of digparty.com and digplanet.com
Hounding of Dr. Dipak Das by Robert Crowe of digparty.com and digplanet.com. Such terrible insults may have cumuluated, helping send Dr. Das to his early end.
Click here to see the video Dr. Dipak Das replies to allegations of scientific fraud

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SCIENTIFIC MISCONDUCT: John Mather NASA and Dipak Das U Conn
SCIENTIFIC MISCONDUCT: John Mather NASA and Dipak Das U Conn


A post made on February 26, 2012:

Dipak K. Das and John C. Mather science fraud
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“Nie blanke” Dr. Dipak K. Das, an Indian-American and “blanke” Dr. John C. Mather, a baseball-hotdog-apple pie-and-chevrolet American.
The John Mather science fraud was exposed in April 2007. Since then, various parties involved have started surreptitiously slinking away from his “discovery”. But in five years’ time there is not a single public acknowledgement or even mention that there was anything the matter with his discovery. Some estúpidos hombres are continuing to fete him loudly. Some hombres muy malos are presenting him as inspiration to children.

A post made on March 8, 2012:

John C. Mather NASA Nobel Prize Laureate science fraud/scientific misconduct
john mather nasa nobel science fraud
John C. Mather (left) NASA Nobel Prize Laureate science fraud was never publicly acknowledged in five years since it was exposed. There is no public mention that there was anything the matter with his discovery. His fraud is being handled by various parties concerned by slinking away from his “discovery”. Even as this surreptitious back-pedaling is happening, he is being enabled by people in very high places to whoop it up as a high profile celebrity and a NASA icon, and to inspire young people around the world with his own example (including young people in India especially). His completely untenable position as the scientific leader of the next generation space telescope is being continued in order to maintain the cover up. High accolades are continuing to flow his way.
This is the result of a concerted, unstated American policy (as evinced by the participation of members of the US Government and US Congress).
Hard to believe? Well, here is some more hard evidence. Even as this cover up operation is proceeding all ahead one third, the White House asks NASA for assurances that they are compliant on the established Government policies on scientific integrity. NASA answers right back: All shipshape.
This could be good for a few laughs if it were not a very dark matter.
And now about the luckless ones whose backs no one has.
The alleged frauds of Dr. Anil Potti, Dr. Diapk Das and Dr. Bharat Aggarwal (right, top to bottom) – all Indian-Americans, in unconnected research programs – have all been subjected very promptly and with great urgency to zealous investigation and media reporting, as they should be.
Their careers have pretty much ended.

A post made on March 8, 2012:


The true intent of the US policy on science fraud/scientific misconduct/scientific integrity clarified

A post made on October 17, 2013:

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Let’s reinstate Anil Potti, Dipak Das and Bharat Aggarwal now that they have paid a terrible price for science fraud, scientific misconduct
Let’s reinstate Anil Potti, Dipak Das and Bharat Aggarwal now that they have paid a terrible price for science fraud, scientific misconduct

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8 Responses to “DR. DIPAK K. DAS (1947-2013)”

  1. dreamheron Says:

    Reblogged this on The Dreamheron Chronicles and commented:

    I have updated this post ….

  2. Computer Forensics Expert Says:

    I am the computer forensics expert that was hired by Dr. Das’s counsel and tasked with looking over the 60,000 page report, the video “proof” and the 52-page final narrative. More than 95% of the 60K-page (actually 59,929 pages) was a listing of the files on Dr. Das’s primary computer. The other <5% was data, commentary, indices to the contents of the report, and the professor's own response. The video evidence purporting to show the most egregious examples of fakery would not have held up in court. It certainly did not rise to professional forensic standards, and was surprising to me that it was produced by scientists as it was very weak in its many unsupported assertions and loose language. The evidence was badly mishandled and after being shipped the wrong data, we were never even given a forensic image of Das's computer, but rather a copy of his files with dates far more recent than the time of the seizure of his equipment. My impression was that the Dr. was railroaded. In March of 2012, I submitted an Affidavit that in essence says the same.

  3. dreamheron Says:

    This is not my scientific field, but the whole thing smells bad to me. Anyway, I have succeeded in convincing a nice Wikipedia editor to include in Dr. Das’s Wiki entry his video response and the letter he wrote to U Conn. So they are on public record, and people will have something more than a totally one-sided account.

  4. Nepal Mahata Says:

    Doctor Babu upner prasansa jangal mahala bohat. Ami akjon ka jiggas korar por bhujlam.apnaka dhannyabad.

  5. Louis Vydelingum Says:

    The USA scientific community should actually call on the U of Conn to clarify the situation in court if necessary to absolve or condemn Dr Das, now that he is dead for his family and friends and perhaps to clear his name.
    I am really perturbed what Dr Das has endured to an early grave.
    Dr L. Vydelingum
    London, England

  6. J. Druzinski Says:

    20+ papers of Das’ contained falsified images and were retracted by the journals, including one where he had been Editor-in-Chief. Check out Retraction Watch. Recently, he had another paper retracted because of plagiarism, and he’s still publishing, even though he is dead!

    • dreamheron Says:

      There is no question that Dr. Das was at fault for lax supervision of his students and associates. Not only did he not have any hands on involvement in the research but also he did not even critically go through the manuscripts that resulted and that bore his name.

      These manuscripts then proceeded to publication. Dr. Das has pretty much said so himself. (This type of conduct on the part of a lab director is not unusual in the Indian setting.)

      As a result, things have occurred that can be and has been construed as science fraud.

      But the very fact that Dr. Das was not engaged at the nitty-gritty level of the research and the reporting of it is also the proof that he did not commit any fraud himself.

      Did the others commit fraud? I understand that the cutting-and-pasting of the diagrams is an accepted procedure as long as the paper states that this was done and why this was done. But that explanation was missing from the papers. I think it is simply an omission by novice, leaderless junior researchers who were left totally on their own.

      There is no cause to sensationalize the publication of his paper after his death. His coauthors proceeded with the paper, and carried along his authorship – as is the standard practice.

      I am not an apologist for the late Dr. Das. I did not know him personally. But I think his regrettable weaknesses were seized upon to hang a major rap on him. Why?

  7. AT Says:

    Are the scientists in the affluent countries trying to prove that they are the best and the rest of the intellectual community’s contributions are the outcomes of fraudulence?Even the journal articles developed and published by the publishers of non-affluent side are labelled as predatory.An act to remain in power will affect the liberty to engage in scientific inquiry and dissemination of scientific knowledge.

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