If you receive any suggestions from any quarters to invite or otherwise honor NASA science fraud John Mather, Nobel Laureate, be on your guard!

Someone is trying to screw you over.

Someone is trying to use you and your organization to keep Mather in the limelight.

Someone is trying to induct you as an endorser of Mather.

Be on your guard!

Do not sully your own organization!

Do not engage in this despicable conduct shown by Berkeley physicists and astronomers (see previous post). Not only do they train up science frauds and loose them upon the world, but they cover up for them when exposed. These physicists and astronomers have no concern whatsoever for the students. These academics s— where they eat.

Your Physics Department should no more want to associate with Johnny than your Economics Department should want to associate with Bernie.

Think about the motivation of the person who approaches you. (It could even be Mather himself saying: Hey Jim, I am going to be in your neck of the woods. I could pop in a give lecture and teach a class or two.)

Here is what happened recently.

Some patrons of Mather thought they would get our friends south of the border to give Mather a highly prestigious award that the amigos control.

These patrons thought that the taco-eaters would be bowled over when they see a recommendation letter from no less a person than the NASA Administrator.

These patrons figured that this nomination letter will be held in secret (as is customary) and no one will know who is manipulating things behind the scenes for Mather.

The world will only see that Mather got a big award, and will conclude that everything is shipshape with Mather.

Well, this stratagem failed. Why?

Because first of all, them amigos are sharp as a whistle. They saw through it. (I am thinking of including tacos in my diet.)

Second, the nomination was public! Or perhaps it was placed in a web site meant to be used by reviewers only.

So now we know that NASA Administrator Charles Bolden was trying to promote Mather on the sly, even as Bolden was probably under orders from the White House not to do such things. Note that Mather remains visibly confined to his pre-Nobel job classification to this day. I think Mather’s patrons in NASA cannot change this situation because this is what the White House has directed.

So they are reaching out to groom Mather at others’ expense, including – it seems – foreign nations.

Be on your guard!


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