DR. DIPAK K. DAS (1947-2013)

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The Dreamheron Chronicles

Dr. Dipak K. Das, about whom I have written extensively here, passed away on September 19, 2013.

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Dr. Dipak K. Das (1947-2013)

Dr. Dipak K. Das (1947-2013)
Click here to see the video Dr. Dipak Das replies to allegations of scientific fraud

I believe this video because it was prepared at a time Das was considering a lawsuit against his university. He would have known that this video might figure in the proceedings, and so he would have been legalistically truthful.

Also worth reading is this “epitaph” for Dr. Dipak Das by Bill Sardi. Even this eulogy has been derided because the author Sardi had a business relatioship with Dr. Das. In fact an atmosphere of frenzy was deliberately created where no one would dare say anythig in favor of Dr. Das – alive or dead.

Follow the legalese of Dr. Das’ lawsuit against U Conn…

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