Now that I have presented a comprehensive and consolidated account of my position (see previous post), there is not much more for me to do here. The meat of the book is completed. The rest – my commentary – I will slowly complete. I will let you know.

There is no practical point any more in my harping on and on about the recurring bad business that nobody in power puts an end to. The American Institute of Physics John Mather Congressional Policy Internship for this year has already been announced. The John Mather Nobel Scholar program is likewise alive and well. Goddard Center Director Chris Scolese, a long-standing Mather-backer, is helping bring this external program into Goddard. This program promises a Goddard job to the interns.

And the Mather-backers in the Academe are feting him coast to coast USA (Keyonte address at Harvard, 24 January. Regents’ Lecture at UC Berkeley, 24 February).

This summer the Mather-backers at the World Science Festival and the USA Science and Engineering Festival will no doubt give him great visibility again.

This is just unstoppable decadence and declivity.

The facts that the US capped Mather’s job at the pre-Nobel rank and has now completely gutted his Government cv page of all his honorifics (Nobel Prize, 50 ppm blackbody and all, leaving only name, rank and phone number) seem to have no impact on the Mather-backers.

When the Mather-backers hot-link to his cv page in their lecture announcement and people find no information in that page, it does not seem to perturb the Mather-backers. (Here is a helpful suggestion for the Mather-backers: Link instead to the glowing Mather Nobel Biography – that is here to stay in perpetuity!)

One wonders why the Mather-backers do not take issue with the US Government over this.

The fact that the repeatedly aired the PBS-NOVA program Hunting the Edge of Space surgically removed Smoot and Mather from the history of cosmological observations seems to have no effect on the Mather-backers.

This is equivalent to surgically removing Crick and Watson from the history of the discovery of the DNA Molecule or Lewis and Clark from the history of exploration of America.

One wonders why the Mather-backers do not take issue with the PBS over this.

But when all is said and done, Big Bang Cosmology today is riding solely on Nobel Power. And not even my good friend the Good Lord can do anything about this. It is quite futile for me to persevere against this odd. A man’s got to know his limitations!

So now that I’ve pretty much done all one man can humanly do, I ask rhetorically:

How am I doin’?

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