BICEP2: Important development?!

A seemingly important development: I came across the following bit of cryptic reporting dated yesterday about the current status of the bicep2 discovery (scroll down to the bottom). It is not clear what the original source of this is or what claims it is referring to.

There are a series of claims that the experiment is flawed, and so the paper is being revised and will be resubmitted for publication at a latter date.

Until then, it is recommended that any findings be viewed as preliminary.

AN UPDATE ON 06/12/2014:

Sollicité par l’AFP depuis plusieurs jours, le physicien John Kovac de Harvard, responsable de l’équipe BICEP2, n’avait toujours pas répondu.

Un autre membre clé de cette équipe, Jamie Bock, un astrophysicien du California Institute of Technology, a refusé, par le biais d’un porte parole de l’Université, d’être interviewé «à ce stade par les médias».

Basically this says that John Kovac and Jamie Bock are declining to comment to the press.



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