Just this summer, Professor Amber Miller of Columbia University (appearing at the World Science Festival panel discussion on BICEP2), stated emphatically (and it seems, not required by the context of the discussion) that the cosmic blackbody is intact. Her taxpayer-funded high-tech research in the high frontier is riding on this assumption. (Watch the video from 1:07 to 1:09).

A video released last month by the learned society SPIE and filmed at NASA Goddard pointedly avers that the blackbody is fully intact, with 50 ppm accuracy.

And today this bit of public education from Professor Peter Coles of the University of Sussex (upon holding many consultations with mainstream colleagues at a conference on this very subject in Denmark) states:

The problem – the Achilles Heel of BICEP, so to speak – is that it operates at a single frequency, 150 GHz. That means that it is not possible for this experiment on its own to determine the spectrum of the detected signal. This is important because it is not only the cosmic microwave background that is capable of producing polarized radiation at a frequency of 150 GHz, foreground dust inside our own Galaxy being the prime suspect. It should be possible to distinguish between dust and CMB using measurements at different frequencies because the microwave background has a black-body spectrum whereas dust does not.

This shows how far and how long this scientific establishment will consciously ride on an utter falsehood (and deceive the public and the taxpayers), under the convenient pretext that the fraud has not been publicly acknowledged by this scientific establishment. See the circular logic?!

Lord have mercy!


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  1. telescoper Says:

    Thanks for referring to my post. I’ve added a plot of the spectrum of the cosmic microwave background in case your readers are misled by your article into believing that it’s not of black-body form.

  2. telescoper Says:

    Reblogged this on In the Dark and commented:
    As an “intellectual poseur” I couldn’t resist reblogging this piece …

    • dreamheron Says:

      Thank you, Professor Coles.

      You now have the dubious distinction of being the very first mainstream academic to acknowledge my existence.


      Bibhas De

      • telescoper Says:

        It’s a pleasure. Hopefully this will raise the profile of your website and give you the recognition you deserve. Perhaps someone might even take the time to teach you some undergraduate physics…

  3. The truth is out there | In the Dark Says:

    […] as for the claims of the person responsible for the post I reblogged yesterday that the cosmic microwave background is a fraud, well I can assure you it is not. Any scientific […]

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