bicep2 telescope, bicep2 discovery, bicep2 instrumentation

bicep2 telescope, bicep2 discovery, bicep2 instrumentation

BICEP2 imaging plane is set up in an xy grid. Theoretically, the instrument should determine the sky polarization correctly however this plane is oriented (with regard to rotation about the telescope axis.) But this has not been demonstrated experimentally, and the design of the plane is such that the x and y axis are not interchangeable. So what does this random spin mean for the final BICEP2 “discovery”?

Round and round she goes;
Where she stops nobody knows.

The only industry professional involvement in BICEP2 development seems to have taken place when a complete in-house design was taken outside for manufacturing. So who were the seasoned expert engineering R&D professionals who designed the imaging plane? I have not found any such people in the BICEP2 Team.

Why did the industry professionals think the design was “crazy”? Surely there was a basis for this!

If I go to Home Depot and pick up a piece of black iron pipe to fix my water line, and the HD guy says “You’re crazy!”, I best listen!

The establishment is turning blind eyes and deaf ears to transparent bunglings that went on, and establishment theoreticians are publicly praising BICEP2 instrumentation.

The radio astronomy instrumentation types, who are the only establishment people that know what is going on, are totally silent, except for the Planck group. The latter have legitimized the botched instrumentation by agreeing to collaborate on its result on an equal basis.

But the real question that matters the most is: Are the funding agencies watching? Are Government watchdogs watching? Is there another Dr. Michael Griffin out there?!


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