PLANCK SATELLITE: Nou breekt mijn klomp!

I have just come across this curious statement:

Very many independent studies of the cosmic microwave background radiation carried out over a few decades show the observed spectrum is very close to a blackbody spectrum. The more precise studies, such as those from the Planck spacecraft, show the cosmic background radiation is extremely close to a blackbody. (Actually astonishingly so.)

I have also reported at least one other statement like this in another professor’s blog site.

I have to believe that this is the prevailing view inside the academia; that this is the basis on which the academic gravy boat is riding.

I have done due diligence each time I have seen a statement like this from the academics, and I have found hide nor hair of a Planck Satellite-determined blackbody, astonishing or not.

So where is it, Mijnheer?!

S’il vous plaît me mettre hors de ma misère!


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