BICEP2 AND PLANCK: Applicable proverbs

American proverb:

If you lie down with the dog, you will get up with fleas.

The astute observer must have noticed that following the questionings of the BICEP2 results by elements of the scientific community in March 2014, there started a concerted campaign by the American scientific establishment concerned and the affiliated blogosphere and the media (collectively, the BICEP2 Camp) to entangle BICEP2 with Planck Satellite as inextricably as possible. They have succeeded.

Planck is being used as the escape capsule of the James Bond villain.

The world knows – and it is true – that as much as any other group of experts, Planck has the inhouse ability to analyze the BICEP2 instrumentation. The world will reasonably assume they have done this.

Therefore, any haziness, any “out”, left in the upcoming Planck report will be treated at the very least as authoritative proof that what BICEP2 saw is on the sky.

My scientific evaluations – in case anyone has taken note of these – will be superceded.

This will be a phenomenal triumph for BICEP2. From here they will be easily able to revive the discovery in one form or another. Once again our universe will be falsified.

Planck is a fine instrument, but its legacy may be forever tarnished. For all the good it has done and stands to do, the world will know it mostly as the collaborator of BICEP2. The BICEP2 Camp – with its formidable publicity machine – will make sure of this.

Azerbaijani proverb:

It is not by saying halva halva that your mouth will become sweet.

We have seen frequent assertions from the BICEP2 Camp that their map is “on the sky”, “on the sky”, “on the sky” … without a shred of proper scientific evidence. It is as if repeating this often enough will make it into a discovery.


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