BIG BANG COSMOLOGY: Not science fraud, but felony fraud

For a long time I have been saying that Big Bang Cosmology should be seen for what it is: Collective criminal defrauding of taxpayers under the elaborate cover of procedural legitimacy.

The following article therefore resonates with me:

It’s time to criminalise serious scientific misconduct

The opiner in this article has the stones. But this applies to Big Bang Cosmology (including the BICEP2 business unfolding now – a collective cover up of instrumental botch up) before it applies to any other scientific discipline.

More and more, such courageous voices of clear conscience will arise. And one day the world will understand and arise in great anger.

The problem with the physics establishment today is that nobody honest has the stones to take a stand against the criminals right in their midst…

UPDATED 10/26/14:


Fraud must be proved by showing that the defendant’s actions involved five separate elements:

(1) a false statement of a material fact, (averral that the 2.7 K blackbody is real)

(2) knowledge on the part of the defendant that the statement is untrue, (establishment knows what John Mather did; it knows that neither WMAP nor Planck found the blackbody. It simply keeps mum on this issue.)

(3) intent on the part of the defendant to deceive the alleged victim,(knowing this full well, they continue to requisition billions of dollars of taxpayer money by false representation that the blackbody is real year after year after year.)

(4) justifiable reliance by the alleged victim on the statement (children have been totally indoctrinated into these falsehoods; they have been harmed. government funding agencies have relied on these false representations to give out taxpayer money; Wikipedia, on which a great many rely, has become an instrument of Big Bang corruption; …), and

(5) injury to the alleged victim as a result (children are being mentally abused; other fields of science are being deprived of funds because Big Bang Cosmologists are usurping them; other cosmologies have been shut out by Big Bang Cosmologists riding roughshod over them; millions of dollars of bogus merchandise are being sold to the public, to the libraries, …)..


And lastly, folks, note this one example (of multiple instances) how a NASA scientist is going around deriding the Steady State Cosmologists (at least they were honest scientists!):

Despite the now widely accepted Big Bang theory, Mather told the students it was not easy to convince skeptics who continued to believe the so-called steady-state theory that offered the universe has infinite age.

“They still wouldn’t give up,” said the astrophysicist. “We had to wait until they died,” he joked.

I feel greatly saddened to see the memory of the non-Big Bang Cosmologists being sullied this way before young students by a despicable fraud. They were good men and decent scientists. God rest their souls.


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