Spergel, who sports a shaved head and a voice that can fill a room, decided that he needed to speak out. “I wanted to let the broader physics community know there were reasons to have doubts,” he says.Nature, 17 December 2014, anointing Spergel one of “Nature’s 10” list.

Spergel horned in on the BICEP2 action. He covered up the BICEP2 instrumental botch up by declaring that B-modes were on the sky, but due to dust (not gravitational waves. ) He made himself a name by interjecting himself in this scam. He has done great harm.

But this is not the first time. David Spergel was a party to the WMAP scam where they deep sixed the true WMAP CMB spectrum so that the COBE blackbody fraud could continue.

This is the kind of people who today pass as the pillars of science. As I have said somewhere, the physics establishment has gone to seeds. And in case you think the worst is behind us, a younger generation in the same mold is coming up. Read on. Be afraid! Very afraid!

“There is no more question that we’ve seen B-modes.” – Chao-Lin Kuo , 17 December 2014, in a conference in Paris.

Chao-LIn Kuo’s intransigence continues to this day – now bordering on fraud. Well, why not? The scientific establishment goes along with him. Stanford has rewarded his engineering quackery by granting him tenure. And funding agencies are giving him more money to work on the next level scam: BICEP3. God knows how many other BICEP-class telescopes have been affected, but will continue to make discoveries.

(An aside: As I am adding the BICEP2 debacle to my book, a new realization has dawned on me. May be the BICEP2 Team is guilty of nothing more than blindly trusting Chao-Lin Kuo as their great engineering genius! Kuo certainly advertizes himself as such all over the place – [Witness proverb: The sheikh’s miracles are related by himself!] In my view Kuo should be made to publicly fess up and let the teammates off the hook – especially the young people on the BICEP2 Team on the threshold of their careers. There is no cause to tarnish them to save Kuo’s butt. I have reviewed Kuo’s cv and there is nothing to indicate that he has any background, training or experience to design the BICEP2 electromagnetic instrumentation. Nor have I seen any information about any expert engineering design review of this instrumentation – a review that would rightly have to be done by an aerospace company. If red parka and snow were all, Santa Claus might discover!)

The question now is: What will Planck say when they report on the joint Planck-BICEP2 study? Will they directly or indirectly let the scam stand that B-modes are on the sky? Or will they come straight out and say what they have to know: BICEP2 is an instrumental botch up?

From comments I have seen, one plan seems to be to say that the B-mode strengths have been (euphemistically) revised to zero (Read: B-mode is botch up, dude!):

Some cosmologists suspect that the BICEP signal will disappear altogether…

And then there is also this prophecy from Planck boss Jan Tauber (Read: B-mode goes down the commode):

“What you can say with certainty is that [the strength] of their measurement is going to go down,”


However it unfolds, I will conclude my book after that Planck-BICEP2 joint report. It will make a great epilogue to cap off the book on the decline and fall of the physics establishment.


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