The uncanny similarities between Big Bang scam discoverers John Mather and Chao-lin Kuo make me think that – although a generation apart – they are both working from some secret Big Bang Scamming Script.

The inheritance

Contrary to popular impression, neither Mather nor Kuo designed their instrument from their original ideas.

Mather inherited his experimental approach from Paul Richards, and tweaked it.

Kuo inherited his experimental approach from Jamie Bock, and tweaked it.

In fact, none ever did anything original.

The “expertise”

Both have physics/astronomy degrees, but forcefully assumed the role of experienced antenna and microwave engineers. None consulted any experience engineers.

In both cases we have largely one man’s work and one man’s word.

(When Mather submitted his test results to an engineering journal, objections were raised. Mather simply accepted the criticisms and got his paper published with the mea culpas. So the paper remained inconclusive. Later he would claim that this paper had completely proved his concept. His entire project would be built on this evidence.)

No test data

Neither Mather nor Kuo developed crucial test data before they “launched” their instrument.

Mather’s instrument remained untested over the entirety of his target blackbody spectrum when he launched it.

Kuo never developed antenna and polarization patterns on his slot antenna – the very first steps that needed to take place.

Picture perfect discovery with crappy instrument

Both reported picture perfect discovery with crappy instrument.

Both found in the sky exactly what the theoreticians predicted.

Kuo even delivered more than the theoreticians predicted!

The project should never have started

In John Mather’s case, it was clear from Get Go that his null technique was not applicable even under ideal circumstances.

In Kuo’s case, it was clear from Get Go that the “1 in 30 million” sensitivity was not achievable even under ideal circumstances.

Both went forward with projects that should never have gone forward.

The bragging

Both are strong showmen and braggarts, and have advertised themselves as instrument builders all over the place. Example:

“… an instrument builder all my life …” – Mather

“I am an experimentalist whose job is to make measurements and let the theoretical chips fall where they may.”
– Kuo

The sheikh’s miracles are related by himself

In both cases, we have only the principal’s word that their instrument is good.

In no case was any expert engineering design review conducted.

(It is possible that NASA confidentially conducted such a review on Mather many years after his discovery, and then all hell broke loose.)

Mind-numbing accuracies

Both reported accuracies/sensitivities that were quite simply insane – both at first sight and on last analysis (Not even remotely achievable by their instrument if it were working perfectly.)

Mather: 50 part per million

Kuo: 1 part in 30 million

The intransigence; the circling of wagons

Following exposing their instrumental botch up, both continued with the charade that their instrument was fine.

Both garnered support from the establishment on this. The cover ups are uncannily similar – as if from a script, media participation and all.

The Messianic complex

“We are trying to do stuff that’s never been done by any human being before. We take stuff that was impossible and we make it happen.” – Mather

“Our experiment is very complex physics and engineering concepts used in both broad and deep, each part is designed team. We are always looking for vendors to design manufactured. Start looking for a vendor making this telescope are manufacturers regarded as “crazy,” but we teach them, and ultimately the success of vendors created, they do not know their company can do. Although our scientific goals lofty, this, too, the value of industry-university collaboration WTO we virtually offer it.” – Kuo (Google Translation from Chinese)


Both like to be subject of videos.

The older John Mather already has countless laudatory videos under his belt – perhaps the most of any scientists in the field.

The newcomwer Cho-Lin Kuo made his own first video which went viral.

The wellspring

But all of this makes perfect sense when you learn that both originated from the same wellspring, the great training center for Big Bang scammers: Berkeley Cosmology!



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