BICEP2: Stanford University quackery continues apace

The three polarimeter telescopes BICEP2, BICEP3 (ground-based, in Antarctica) and SPIDER (balloon-borne, in Antarctica) are based on the quack engineering design of Stanford professor Chao-lin Kuo.

The quackery was first exposed on 17 March 2014 – the very day the BICEP2 discovery was announced. Since then increasing levels of detailed scientific explanation and education have been provided.

In mid-December Kuo announced that BICEP2 instrument is fine and that he is proceeding with BICEP3.

On New Year’s Day SPIDER was launched.

It seems that no one in the scientific establishment or the Government funding agencies is interested in dealing with this rampant quackery. Everyone is happy to see universe-shattering cosmological discoveries with mind-numbing precision come out the wazoo.

Kuo now fits all the criteria on which Jan Hendrik Schon and Victor Ninov were adjudged science frauds by this scientific establishment.

Here are a just few questions one might ask Kuo:

– What is your qualification in advanced antenna & microwave design & development engineering?

– Who all did the expert engineering design review of BICEP2 and approved it?

– Where are your test data on the radiation patterns and polarization pattern on a single antenna element?

– Based on these data, where are your signal-to-noise ratio and gain-to-temperature ratio calculations showing a sensitivity of 1 part in 30 million is achievable?

If there is no satisfactory answer to any of these questions, the project should never have got off the ground.


UPDATE 01/04/2015:

Here is a copy of the pdf draft chapter from my book:



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