What will be the legacy of Planck Satellite?

Here is the current draft of my little section on Planck Satellite:

Planck Collaboration

V-13.1 Planck Satellite and the Big Bang Blackbody Spectrum

Planck Collaboration is the name of the scientific team behind the Planck Satellite, belonging to the European Space Agency (ESA). The satellite operates at nine discrete frequencies that were carefully chosen to hug the COBE Satellite 2.7 K blackbody spectrum.

The first results from the Planck Satellite were released in 2013. One of the very first calculations they would have made is the absolute intensity in the sky at each of the nine frequencies. In other words, the very first result they obtained – the result that would underpin all subsequent results – was the CMB radiation spectrum. It was expected by the Big Bang establishment to mimic the COBE Satellite blackbody spectrum.

Planck Collaboration would release a great deal of data and scientific results after that. However, they never ever released that spectrum which was to confirm the COBE spectrum. The reason is most obvious: It did not confirm the COBE spectrum. On the contrary, it solidly disproved the COBE spectrum and thus falsified Big Bang Theory.

Nor did Planck Collaboration release the skymaps in total intensity (the anisotropy skymaps released being in differential intensity.)

It may be that buried somewhere in the data files they have released there is information to construct the missing spectrum and the skymaps. That would place Planck Collaboration technically in the clear from the charge of suppressing negative data. But why would they engage in such a subterfuge?

Having suppressed the all important spectrum, Planck Collaboration then proceeded as though Big Bang were fully intact, and made all kinds of pronouncements about the Big Bang early Universe.

In sum, Planck Collaboration started to scam in order to cover up the COBE Satellite fraud in particular and the Big Bang scam in general.

V-13.2 Planck Collaboration and BICEP2 Collaboration

When the BICEP2 matter came along, everyone looked to Planck Collaboration for support. There was the issue of how much of the BICEP2 B-Mode signal was due to the deep background CMB and how much of it was due to the foreground galactic dust. For the BICEP2 discovery to stand, it was necessary to demonstrate that the latter contribution was minor. And only Planck Collaboration had the data bearing on the foreground emission.

This was the issue as it was presented to the public. But it was not the real issue. The real issue was that the BICEP2 B-Mode results were the result of total instrumental botch up. The B-Mode sky swirls were artifactual.

Planck Collaboration, a part of ESA, had access to the most advanced engineering knowhow in the field. Therefore they, if anyone, would know that BICEP2 was an instrumental botch up. Therefore, they would not engage in such a collaboration with BICEP2 that averred that the BICEP2 data were scientifically sound.

But they did. They showed that the foreground was the dominant contribution. This made the BICEP2 discovery of the primordial gravitational waves go away, but solidly confirmed that BICEP2 was the first instrument to observe B-Mode swirls in the sky. Planck Collaboration knowingly covered up the BICEP2 botch up.

Sure enough, Planck Satellite has acquired very high quality, highly valuable data. But as long as this treasure trove is considered the domain of Big Bang, everyone else would feel excluded, not welcome. The treasure trove would remain private property. The lasting legacy of Planck Satellite will be that they repeatedly covered up American botch ups.

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