PHYS. REV. LETTERS: Scam retraction of sham discovery

There you have it, folks!

Physical Review Letters had published the bogus B-mode polarization paper in June 2014. Now they are publishing a retraction that fully maintains the B-modes and stengthens them.

So you can construct a quack gadget and get two PRL publications out of it!

Also, James Bock has come out swinging. He avers that his instrumentation is fine!

Remember a couple of posts ago I showed how the B-mode maps were completely different for BICEP2 and Keck because of botched instrumentation?

All Bock has done is deep-sixed the bottom half of this diagram! He is showing you the top half and telling you everything is shipshape.

Remember that the bottom half is their own data they have proudly put out, after thorough review by the BICEP2 and the Planck Collaborations. No doubt there will now be a cover story that somebody accidentally pushed a wrong button and a wrong map got inadvertently published.

This deep-sixing seems to be a dominant character trait with these Big Bang guys. CMB spectrum not a blackbody?! Let’s deep-six it. B-mode maps reveal instrumental botch-up?! Let’s deep-six ’em.

Hey, let’s get Mikey … er .. Pierre to publish it. He will publish anything!



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