As far as I understood, the Keck Array was all sewn up and was going great guns – with the botched BICEP2 instrument as its receiver. In fact, the following very recent statement of 2 March 2015 also suggests this:

We added a second band to the Keck Array last year at 95 GHz and a third band this year at 220 GHz. We just installed the new BICEP3 instrument at 95 GHz at the South Pole (see Fig. 3). BICEP3 is single telescope that will soon be as powerful as all five Keck Array telescopes put together. At 95 GHz, Keck and BICEP3 should surpass BICEP2’s 150 GHz sensitivity by the end of this year, and the two will be a very powerful combination indeed. If we switch the Keck Array entirely over to 220 GHz starting next year, we can get a third band to a similar depth.

But on 10 March 2015 we have the following statement:

In a few weeks' time, the team would begin the job of upgrading the Keck Array with new receivers – essentially "new eyes" – to allow it to continue scanning the skies for gravitational waves in tandem with its new BICEP3 neighbour.

May be I am missing something or misreading something here. If not, they are hastily building unplanned new optics and simply walking away from the BICEP2 wreck, without admitting fault.

Notice how cleverly they are deep-sixing BICEP2.

Also, the above information comes right after Pierre Meystre (Physical Review Letters) published the second bogus BICEP2 paper. So if indeed they are discarding the botched BICEP2 instrument, poor Pierre is left holding the bag!

And so much for that “novel” BICEP2 idea that small aperture telescopes are as powerful as giant telescopes! BICEP3 now has much larger aperture than BICEP2!

It is of course a good thing if they are correcting the erros of their ways. But fault must first be admitted.

Otherwise you can reasonably conclude that a culture of scamming is condoned at places like Harvard, Stanford and CalTech.



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