THEM DOMINOES! Have they started to fall?

Long-term readers of this blog might remember Frederick Dylla, the CEO of the American Institute of Physics, who has been hosting the John Mather Congressional Policy Intern program with great gusto in the name of the American physics establishment. He established this program in 2009.

Here is an old graphic from this post:

He became the CEO in March 2007, and so he has been now eight years at this position. I cannot find any good information on his age – but he may be in his mid-sixties. He may even be at the nominal retirement age of sixtyfive. However, I cannot find any information that this is a manadatory retirement age for AIP. In fact Dylla has been most energetic at his job, firing on all cylinders. The previous CEO had been at this job some 14 years, and possibly way past the age of sixtyfive.

Nor is there any readily available information in AIP site or the physics circle of the significant event that he is retiring.

But then there is this.

Has the American physics establishment – kept drugged by the Big Bang cosmologists in the opium divans of that dark grotto – begun to wake up?!

Have they begun to see that Big Bang in a cancer that has metastasized over the entire Body Physics?

Do they know how the billions earmarked for the BCBG set to hunt for the Dark Energy unicorn are going to impact their own pocketbook?

Have they finally sensed the existential danger of historic proportion they are in?

Have the dominoes started to fall – even if not in the sequence and with the cast of characters I envisioned:

Or may be Dylla is calling it quits for “personal reasons” – as the expression goes.



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